The unsung hero of the Trump presidential campaign


Everyone knew it; everyone, that is, in the chatter-filled Washington D.C. parties where everyone knows each other, and everyone counts. The polls were sky-high for the favoured contender, her opponent hardly figured in the calculations: everyone just ‘knew’ that she could not be beaten; especially by a total newcomer, especially by a candidate who was literally attacked and discarded by senior members of his own Party. The ‘Presidential Transition Team’ had already been named, they even knew where their desks would be in the temporary offices, to be occupied in those short, heady weeks between the Election and the Inauguration. And whilst all this heady planning and exultation proceeded; one man sat, and watched, and pondered.

Those amazing scenes recorded for a smiling posterity, when the liberal Elite; broadcasters, pollsters, political activists and commentators gradually realised that they were aimed 180 degrees from the true North of the Presidency; that the ‘deplorables’ had in fact breached the ramparts of their very own Maginot Line, and had elected the brash billionaire from New York as their President are as historical notes as we approach the day when the truth ‘will out’: when America will be allowed to see what was planned and done in THEIR name, against a man who had the utter gall to state, to America; ‘This is who I am; take me or leave me; I will not change: but America must change!’ And still, one man sat and watched, impassive, stoic; wondering how far his compatriots would descend in their feverish attempts to unseat a President.

And so it was that on November 17th 2016,  that once-silent man; NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, travelled on his own from Washington to New York to visit President-Elect Trump in his newly established headquarters in Trump Tower. The Trump Transition team had set themselves up in what was considered ‘Home Territory’; after all, what could be safer and more secure than the leading New York hotel belonging to their new boss? They had even seen the specialists installing the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) which ensured that secure intelligence could be delivered and sent without fear of hackers. Mike Rogers went on his own, and told the President-Elect that he was being monitored by the FBI and other US Intelligence Agencies. It is also believed that Rogers’ finger was the one on the trigger which fired the other Mike Rogers: the former House intelligence Chairman who retired after lying about the Benghazi fiasco – who was kicked off the Trump transition team on intelligence. The inference being that the NSA director was worried that the former Intelligence Chairman would learn of the stance of the NSA Director on such matters as the wire-tapping of the President-Elect’s team. Within one day of the receipt of the NSA Director’s advice, the whole Trump Transition team upsticks and travels to Bedminster Golf Club, a Trump property, which had the perfect stance, it had never featured in any Transition Team proposal, and was therefore ‘doubly-secure’.

President Obama was asked to unseat the ‘rogue’ Admiral, with both the (Def Sec) Ash Carter and (DNI) James Clapper telling President Obama to dump NSA Director Mike Rogers. Fortunately, the former President decided that enough had been done to sully and besmirch the reputation of the United States by these two conspirators, and the Admiral was left alone.


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