The Jerusalem Embassy Act was passed into Law in 1995 by the United States 104th Congress on October 23, 1995.

Today this Law has finally come to fruition. For thousands of years Jerusalem has been and always will be the capital of the Jews. This notion that the city belongs to anyone else is nonsense. It’s like saying Athens is not the Greek capital, or Cairo is not the capital city of  Egypt, and of all Egyptians. Since the reclamation of a portion of their homeland which makes up Israel today they have rightly claimed Jerusalem as their Capital, as it has always been.

The Catholics and the Muslims both have great historical ties to the city, but they in no way diminish Israel’s right and legitimacy to claim the city as their Capital. Thousands of years of history can not be erased or ignored.

Today we Americans celebrate Israel, we acknowledge Jerusalem as its eternal Capital as we open our Embassy in the city where it belongs.

The Palestinians will no doubt be rioting as this day goes forward. As they have for weeks  hurling themselves against the walls and fences in a mad frenzy. Ask yourself why? The answer is barbaric and simple. They wish to kill the Jews; nothing less!

Israel is a Nation besieged on all sides by those that want it destroyed. Surrounded by people who can not and will not tolerate anyone that believes different than they do, ask the Catholics that once lived in the lands these people control. Right now the Arab states are “outraged” that the US stands with Israel.

CAIRO (Reuters) – The Arab League will hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the United State’s “illegal” move of embassy to Jerusalem, state news agency MENA reported on Monday, citing an Arab diplomat.

And here is how the Russian Propaganda Network RT put out their take on the situation:

Today the United States reaffirms that we will not allow the destruction of Israel. We affirm Jerusalem as it’s Capital and we stand with them side by side partners against the chaos.

I give you President Trump’s Statement from today:


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