Reference Muslim immigration. Who shall speak for GB&NI?


When Europe and Europeans (as opposed to, say, those of a nationalistic tendency) speak or discuss immigrants and refugee immigration, they speak with the common liberal tongue and ideal. They see the very act of welcoming people from a very different culture and background as only ‘the decent thing to do’, and worthy of a common ‘European’ action. They are probably totally insulated from the realities of mass migration, which brings the danger of an unsophisticated mob into close proximity with a liberal nation; insulated because they do not live anywhere near the areas which the new migrants flock to: and thus are ‘insulated’ because they do neither see, nor have to live alongside the results of their liberal inclinations. They haven’t visited, or even probably heard of the ‘banlieues’ surrounding Paris, many of which are almost totally dominated by both French-born and foreign Muslims: the ‘peau-brune (brown-skinned) banlieues’ which are, for Paris policemen, a ‘no-go area’.

When the first build-up of Syrian wartime refugees began, and their attempts to cross the short stretches of Mediterranean waters between Turkey (their first ‘safe place’) came graphically to the notice of the world through the graphic (and staged) photos of that small dead boy’s body lying face-down on the wave-splashed sand, the reactions of many Governments, including ours, was knee-jerk typical. “Britain is a moral nation and we will fulfil our moral responsibilities.” said David Cameron, seemingly saddened by that picture of that dead body washed up upon a Bodrum beach. Not many European Government leaders though to even question why that small boy died, but seemed to accept that it was because Europe hadn’t done enough to ease the refugees’ plight. The real dam-burst occurred long before the big-mouthed Angela Merkel spoke the magic words “Let them all come,” as research showed that the vast majority of first, Syrian and secondly Afghans were on the move, on that 3,000 mile journey at least three months before she spoke. Turkey and the Lebanon were rumoured to be introducing visas to slow and to stop the flows of refugees from Syria, and, due to the power of the Internet, there were plenty of photos of idiots standing in Munich rail station holding placards saying ‘We welcome refugees!’ The lure of a friendly welcome and an allegedly steady job was waved before Syrians allegedly desperate to get out from under the harsh rule of the anti-Assad Islam rebels, and, seemingly with one mind; three-quarters of a million crossed the straits to Lesbos, were ferried to the Greek mainland: and then took on the long march.

No-one, repeat no-one; apart from a few cynics, mentioned the huge numbers of single men of fighting age in the groupings walking through the Balkans; but astute politicians in Croatia, Austria and most importantly in Hungary watched in quiet horror as a seemingly peaceful army of Muslim men, along with many with families, moved through the borders of a credulous group of Balkan nations, and headed straight for them, the final blocks before the true prize: Germany. The more forwards-thinking politicians in Hungary and Austria, mere way-stations on the ‘reffo’ route to the promised land, made certain that the avalanche moved swiftly through their nations’ lands, and across the ‘Schengen border’, because they feared, above all, that any attempt to slow passage would result in the Muslim swarm staying in a country which neither wanted them, nor had ever even invited them.

Once the mass invasion had slowed, the Hungarians made their plans, and swiftly built the first of three sets of reinforced border fencing along the common border, firstly with Serbia and Croatia; and then with Romania. There were few refugees in evidence at the time of the fence being built, but their numbers in Croatia quickly grew, and the first noises of muted annoyance came from Brussels towards Hungary. Hungary has, along with many other European Nation-States, a long memory of past invasions; but Hungary, and certain astute Hungarian politicians, remember only too well that they were the barrier for centuries against the Islamic rule of the Ottoman empire, and they wished to stop any further ‘reffo’ marches; mainly because the Muslims might also remember the centuries of Muslim rule over much of Hungary. Prime Minister Orban owes his rise in power and popularity to decisions based on a muscular ‘Hungary first’ programme, and the fence- and wall-building were visible symbols of that programme.

The European Commission’s ruling that further swarms of migrants, now flocking across the Mediterranean into Italy from the lawless Libyan coastline, should be ‘shared out’ between member nations was received with incredulous laughter by Prime Minister Orban, now in the middle of a liberal onslaught by the Hungarian billionaire George Soros, who seemingly wished to plant ‘migrants’ inside the Hungarian Parliament. Orban reacted with a draconian set of legal actions, which disenfranchised Soros’ pet University, and sent it packing across the borders into Austria. He also criminalised the very act of collecting funds for migrants and refugees, and clamped down on anything which acted as a conduit for outside funds headed towards Hungary.

Poland, another State which is viewed with ever more suspicion and reserve from a Brussels bureaucracy which has never been the butt of scorn and negative actions from the other, more passive members of the Union, is also (to put it mildly,) feeling and acting like a rebellious teenager. Poland’s interior minister said on Tuesday that his country and three others from Eastern Europe were right in their stance of opposing mass migration into Europe. A staunchly Catholic country, and also a nation which has seen, and remembers, the ruthlessness of both the Nazi and Russian invasions, as well as the horrors of the Holocaust; her politicians, unlike most in the well-behaved European Union, tend to both speak and act in defence of THEIR Nation, when they feel it is threatened, from inside or from without. The Poles decided to get rid of Judges who operated under rules dating back to the Communist era, and the Chief Justice said they couldn’t. The EU threatened Article 7 procedures against Poland, and the Poles, collectively raised two fingers in reply.

These actions, from Hungary, from Austria and from Poland, although in themselves extraordinary, were as nothing compared with the bombshell detonated by the Swedish election results, which catapulted the Swedish Democrats on to the world stage. Caustically dismissed as a Neo-Nazi bunch whose members’ arms are strapped to their waists to prevent the automatic Nazi salute, their dislike of the huge numbers of Muslim immigrants, most of whom seem to exist on the lavish State benefits, rang many bells with Swedish voters who were collectively stating, when virtually uncontrolled immigration was being discussed; “Nobody asked us for our opinion,”. The left-wingers dismissed the Swedish Democrats as ‘Far-Right’, and not worth bothering about: the SD now stand with 17.6% of the votes, not as much as they had hoped for, but a bloc which must be considered when the politics begin. The Ultra-Liberal Swedish Government, unchallenged for decades, must now consider where and which way to go, because, for the SD, the only way is UP.

Across the Continent, we hear noises; noises which range from whispers to downright bullhorns: from those whom are just finding their voices, to those who know their audiences, and have tailored their messages to the thoughts of their voters. The question which must be asked is, put simply; “Who speaks for the silent majority in Great Britain and Northern Ireland?” We have, in simplistic terms, a Labour Party split horizontally, led by a Marxist pacifist who also is, to put it mildly: anti-Semitic in thought and deed. The Tories aren’t much better, led by a Prime Minister by default, who wasn’t elected; and also the leader who threw away a working majority in the Commons because she thought she was invincible. The scavenging mob of ex-cabinet ministers and would-be Parliamentary attack dogs, snapping at her heels, is distinguished only by their total lack of responsibility or accountability to the voters.

We have two-and-a-half million muslims living in this benighted Nation State. Who asked us if we wanted to harbour a totally foreign culture? True, they didn’t arrive overnight, they flooded in during the Blair/Brown years of Labour, and then the Cameron years of the Tories: with a quarter-million more arriving every year. Where is our Churchill? Where is our Attlee? We just don’t have anyone who can speak for us, in terms that the average Brit would either understand or applaud. We need a Horatius. What we have is, apart from a very, very few; the dregs, the scum and the drainings!



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