Never Mind The White Cliffs Of Dover…

An engraving of the presentation of a white elephant

…here comes the White Elephant of Southend:

“The cost of a proposed cliff top museum has increased by £15million…”

Well, maybe they underestimated how much the exhibits and staffing would cos…


“…before a brick has been laid.”


“The Cliffs Museum – officially named the Thames Estuary Experience – is designed to be a feature attraction.

For almost a decade plans have been discussed for the £40million attraction, however the estimated cost has now risen to an estimated £55million as discussions continue.”

How? I mean, how…!?

“A freedom of information request submitted to the council by a resident, saw Southend Council reply outlining costs as “£50m for the museum/experience (excluding car park and abnormals) with a sum of £5m for the exhibition and content and fit out”.”


“The museum is expected to contain artefacts connected to the tomb of the Saxon King and part of the shipwreck of The London.”

The news that the council can’t even make a go of a seaside cafe will be immensely reassuring, I’m sure.


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