Root and branch Government change needed in Westminster!


I am a fairly well-read man, I keep updated on most trends; political, economic; I am fascinated by the extent by which so-called politicians try to influence our very thinking: and I yearn for the day when we should see true change in our country, as far as Government is concerned. Most British people have often stated that they are at least satisfied with the way in which we are governed.

We could not be more mistaken. We are led to believe that we have a system of Government, namely Democracy, with an Elected Parliament, Ministers from the majority Party appointed to a Cabinet, which takes all decisions under the leadership of the Prime Minister: and on the surface, that is what occurs. But we don’t really have a Government which responds to that which the voters believe they voted for: instead we have a Benevolent dictatorship, writ small, it is true, but none-the-less overreaching and omnipotent.

The Parties place their ‘Manifesto Pledges’  before an election, but once in power, those manifesto pledges are as dust upon a wall. If that Party signally fails to deliver on all or indeed any of its pledges, there is NO mechanism by which we, the Electorate, can demand a re-think, or even a recall of a single MP to be made to stand again, after failing his promises. For the full five years of a Parliament. What sort of Democracy is that?

We need a root and branch reform, not only of the Parliamentary process, but also of the way in which power is held with an iron grip by the combination of the Prime Minister and the Treasury, through the Chancellor. When we talk of power, what do we mean? The power given Government is their ability to take, to demand, taxes from us all, both individuals and companies, corporations; whatever: and spend it as they wish, not as they perhaps promised and listed in those illusory ‘manifesto pledges’. Power equals Money; the ability to take it under threat of criminal proceedings, to demand it be paid immediately, ahead of everything else; but not to spend it as we would wish, but rather as they have been suborned by outside interests to do so. The power of the Lobbyist, well-defined under American Law, is less easily viewed under British law, but is easily as viewed in all its corrupt glory in the many decisions, Laws and regulatory processes which follow the tunes played by those with plenty of cash, who inveigle and twist the so-called legislators into doing their bidding, rather than the bidding of the voters, who come a bad third in the decision-making queues.

Let there be a Party which would run on a basis of promising nothing but that which the Voters wish; which states that it will ask, every year, for the Voters’ permission to spend their money; and if there is a rejection of that proposal: that proposal would be either re-worked to suit the requirements of the voters, or ditched: and then we may see a sea-change in the way we are governed. Let us take and examine a couple of examples, and then think on how it might have been viewed if my proposals were enacted.

  • We have, as one commenter noted, “The most by far the most expensive piece of legislation ever put through Parliament.”; this being the brainchild of the second-worst Labour Politician ever to sit on the Front Bench in Parliament; namely Ed Milliband. The  Climate Change Act is to cost us all up to £18.3 billion – £760 for every household in the country – as we reduce our carbon emissions by 80 per cent. And for what, for sweet F*** All, as is demonstrated by the fact that China is placing new coal-fired power stations online at total of around 3,500. We are paying, through our bills, taxes, add-ons et. all; a total of some £18 billions for the privilege of saying “we are leading the world’! 463 Westminster MPs voted for the Bill; and 3 voted against; so they are the ones you can blame once the your lights and home power commence being switched off as part of ‘Load Shedding’, as the coal-powered plants have been closed down because they are emitting too much CO2, the Nuclear plants are way behind construction, the solar farms only work during the day, and only at 8% efficiency anyway because we are so far North; the wind farms are operating only when the wind blows; and we have to be aware that if the wind blows too hard, they have to be taken out of service as they are so delicate. We have hardly any hydro-electric plants, so they don’t help. We could buy power from France by the Interconnector, but France has problems of her own, and besides, they might not wish to sell to ‘Les RosBifs’. In other words, folks, We’re Screwed!
  • Just imagine what the Reply would be if that proposal was put to an Electronic Sealed Referendum? It would have been laughed out of the very stewpot which is Parliament!
  • Lord Adonis, he who has just flounced out of some Government Committee or other because he doesn’t like the biscuits, placed the High Speed 2 Rail proposal on the Parliamentary tracks, so you can probably blame him for the huge mess which has resulted so far in Billions being paid out for salaries, pensions, backhanders, planning enquiries, office movements and numerous other swizzles; without a single brick being laid, without a single metre of track being tamped down. It is presently being costed at £403 Millions /Mile, making it THE world’s most expensive railway: all so that some clown wishes to travel between Manchester and London with a time saving alleged to be an hour!
  • Just imagine what the reply would be if all voters were asked if they would pay £104 Billions so that some fat cat could save an hour’s travel time? If they were asked ‘Where should we spend the cash, if not on HS2?’ I reckon the reply would be ‘Show us what we have to spend to get the EXISTING railways up to scratch, and we’ll have another think!’

Lets see a Party which is willing to trust the Voters; let that Party offer a recall method which will not be run by Parliamentarians; and THEN we might see Democracy in Action!



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