Farewell to a woman who ‘led a chaotic, alternative lifestyle’.

Salisbury Cathedral

As we, as humans, grow older; we also grow wiser; (well, at least some of us do). When faced with big decisions, we bow before those whom, we presume, know better than the great uninformed mass which is the British people. But, on a matter so important as life or death; a matter of whether a Foreign State is accused of what is now a case of murder through the death of a woman leading an ‘alternative lifestyle’: the question nobody asks, presumably because there would come either no reply, or one so convoluted as to be totally unintelligible, is the simplest of questions: namely , WHY?

WHY would a sovereign State attempt to assassinate a former citizen of that State, a citizen who was found to have spied for another country, imprisoned; and then released to live, openly, in the country which he spied for, and which gave him asylum?

WHY would a sovereign State, namely the Russian Federation, enable its operatives to unleash a nerve weapon against its former citizen and his daughter; when the daughter was living openly and without any harassment whatsoever, in the Russian Federation?

WHY does the British Prime Minister insist, with no real hard evidence at all, and continue to lay blame for the attacks which very nearly succeeded in the death of the father and daughter, as well as the first policeman on the scene of the couple’s collapse; on the Russian Federation, and on President Putin?

WHY would Heads of European States, and the American President, together expel 169 ‘diplomats’ (code for ‘probably, more than likely spies) from their respective countries without clear and incontrovertible proof of the guilt of the Russian Federation’s actions?

WHY would that same Russian Federation vehemently deny any involvement in this murderous attack, knowing as they do that the nerve agent in question was said to be developed in the laboratories of that Federation?

WHY would the Russian Federation, in the middle of the final preparations for hosting the FIFA World Cup, lay itself wide open to these charges of State-sponsored assassination by the most grisly and horrible means imaginable.

Why indeed? The near tragedy of the two Russians, father and daughter, who literally just survived a determined attack by, in the terms which SHOULD have been used, person or persons unknown; is now transformed into a murder investigation because of the death, through this same nerve agent, of a sad and troubled alcoholic drug user (probably) named Dawn Sturgess, previously hospitalised, along with her (registered heroin addict) partner Charlie Rowley. Because of their ‘chaotic lifestyles’ (code words for drug and alcohol addiction), which included searching through dumpsters and bins for anything capable of being converted into cash with which to purchase either booze or drugs, no-one can be certain where the initial contact and drug contamination took place; so the police, along with the biological warfare suit-wearing specialists from Porton Down, are now saying that the hospitalised couple PROBABLY came into contact with some discarded Novichok container in the Queen Elizabeth gardens in Salisbury: the same gardens which were given the ALL-CLEAR by those same Porton Down specialists some two-odd months ago.

But my point, and my initial questions remain unanswered. Is it Possible that the attack was coordinated by the Russian State? The answer remains; “Yes, it is possible; but so far no firm, hard evidence has emerged that the Russian State was behind the attack. We have no proof: no proof at all, but the Russians are a very convenient bunch to blame.” They have history in this type of attack, with the deaths of Georgi Markov as well as Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned by polonium, a radio-active isotope made only within a nuclear facility.

But, once again, I stress that there maybe plenty of circumstantial evidence POINTING towards the Russian Federation; but proof? Hard evidence? Not a single item: no proof; no statement, just a lot of hot air and speculation!


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