We don’t need no ed-u-cation…


Recently, I was sent the following example of the sort of material that is being used in our classrooms. In this case it was a Primary School in Northern Ireland. We don't need no ed-u-cation... We don't need no ed-u-cation...

When young minds are exposed to the history of the British Empire and its amazing growth across the world they now get the usual self-loathing from the Left, now approved by the academic institutions. The idea that the British Empire could have been a  force for good is being relentlessly airbrushed from the pages of academia and replaced with an anti-British political narrative.

It’s not just ‘Horrible Histories” that push fake narratives into the classroom. Consider the BBC – here’s another beaut from the Kids website.

“Throughout our history, Britain has been invaded, occupied by foreign armies and had loads of people coming and going. And it’s made Britain what it is today!”

Yes we were invaded in 1066. We stopped the last planned invasion in 1940. The idea that Britain is a product of foreign armies conquering it is plainly historically inaccurate and yet that is precisely what is being touted in the classroom.

From Primary School to University, the march of the Marxist left is complete. They have turned education into another battle-front, wilfully rewriting history to suit their own petty prejudices. When young minds are taught that the British Empire was essentially a gangster racket and that the United Kingdom is characterised “by loads of people” coming and going, you realise just how dangerous education has become.


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