When Irish Eyes Are Fuming


I am in favour of the principle of immigration providing three conditions are met:

1). Only those with skills essential to the host country’s economy are allowed to settle.

2). That the pace of new entrants is restricted so as not to unsettle the feelings of the existing population, and to keep a broad demographic balance in place.

3). Those who come to a new country should be from places that are culturally compatible with, or easily adjustable to, the land they’re arriving in.

It is pretty easy to recognise that a sizeable amount of the immigration we’ve had in Europe these past few decades has not conformed to even one, let alone all three, of those conditions. Hence the creation of ghettos in our cities, the importation of unwelcome value systems and, most frightening of all, the creation of terrorist cells with devastating consequences.

The principle of mass immigration has been adopted by political classes across Europe for their own ends, even though they dwell in areas barely touched by the ramifications of their own policy. Let’s look at the latest controversy in Ireland as an example. The tiny village of Lisdoonvarna in County Clare, western Ireland, has recently been picked as the chosen spot for a campaign by the Irish Government to house 115 asylum seekers in the village. 115 added to an existing population of 300! How much contempt for the enduring culture, family structures and sense of belonging must any government have to even suggest importing 115 people – from some of the most savage areas on the planet, and doubtless nearly all followers of the self-declared ‘religion of peace’ – into a tiny, traditional village in the heart of rural Ireland?

It is to the eternal credit of many of the villagers that they’re prepared to accept any at all. Had I been a resident there, I would have chosen a figure somewhere south of zero! For I am sure if such a resettlement goes ahead, in a few months we’ll be hearing about protestations concerning the standard of accommodation, rubbish casually discarded on the main street, and even cases of young Irish girls being approached for sex by men RTE News will subsequently describe as being of ‘Middle Eastern appearance’.

However, why should the political elite in Dublin care? Like their counterparts in the UK, they believe the rest of the country over which they govern should share the ‘enlightened progressiveness’ and ‘mass multicultural embrace’ of the capital city by all means possible. If anything, this attitude is even more pronounced in Ireland than it is here, not least because 40% of the Republic’s population live in the Greater Dublin area (the UK equivalent is only 13.6%). Traditional Irish culture? That’s something in Dublin only on display to the tourists, and a tool to be casually discarded elsewhere in the Republic if in conflict with the sanctity of doctrinaire diversity.

Like the Irish government’s attitude towards Brexit and the issue of the border with Northern Ireland, its standpoint will create long-term damage for the sake of short-term plaudits. Methinks whatever popularity Leo Varadkar enjoys now, on both counts he’ll be far less of a political celebrity in a few years time.



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