Its N.I.C.E. to know about HIV+ men’s lifestyle choices?


Fact…….The NHS, despite the huge amounts of cash provided by the British taxpayer, is cash-strapped

Fact……..The NHS cannot authorise well-researched drugs and procedures because of that cash-strap basis.

Fact…….Women carrying short-life death sentences through breast or other cancers will not be given proven drugs which will extend their life chance….because of that cash-strap basis.

Fact…..For example, the NHS approvals board, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (N.I.C.E.), have a strict criteria, and it is a cost balance. N.I.C.E. will not approve drugs that cost more than its threshold of £20,000 to £30,000 per year of quality life, except for an end-of-life treatment – as this drug is – in which case the threshold rises to £50,000. But Nice believes nivolumab would cost between £66,000 to £75,000 per year of quality life.

Fact…….With the numbers of treatments or drug combinations which are proven to treat or defeat cancer, and other drugs which can either ameliorate or defeat those variations which they have been very, very expensively designed to attack, rising ever upwards. With that same dismal statement that, because of the shortage of cash, N.I.C.E. just has to say; “not now folks, we cannot afford it, under the present rules”.

But certain drug treatments for very, very different conditions are being pushed for inclusion; again under that same N.I.C.E. control; and they, (the drugs) stand a very good chance of gaining that approval: mainly because of the pressure from very influential backers, liberal thinkers and left-wing intellectuals. One specific drug treatment, which treats those who have contracted HIV, costs £25,000.00 per year. This disease, 95% of the sufferers of which are of the homosexual persuasion, and whose very lifestyle means that they are almost certain to get this life-threatening condition, are able to get this truly expensive treatment on the NHS, mainly because of the lobbying by many MPs, many if not most of whom are themselves homosexuals. That’s what is called ‘looking after the core’!

But there is yet another drug treatment, also aimed purely and solely at the homosexual community, and there is great pressure for it to be funded, by the English NHS, as it is in Wales, Scotland, and strangely enough, Northern Ireland. It is marketed as a Prophylactic. It is therefore known, in the homosexual lobbies and clubs, as PReP; but is traded and known as Truvada. With use, it prevents the transmission, during unprotected anal sex, of HIV from an infected man to an uninfected man. It is pushed as the ‘possible gold standard’ of prophylactics, mainly because it has been proven to stop this deadly disease in its tracks. The common or garden alternative is of course the condom, which is generally accepted as the real ‘Gold Standard’ of prophylactics because the protection is there, wrapped around the user’s penis. And of course that is the main problem, because the homosexual lobby is protesting that, if they have to use a condom, they lose the ‘spontaneity’ of a ‘flesh-to-flesh’ encounter with a willing participant; or, as the coyly-worded slogan states in the pro-homo website “It offers you empowerment and control, particularly if you’re a receptive partner.”

The little-known and, up-to-now virtually invisible MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, the Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown admitted, during a debate ‘celebrating’ World AIDs Day, that he was HIV+, and had been for ten years. For this admission, he was given a standing ovation, admittedly mainly by the Labour MPs who had been briefed about his speech before he began speaking. So he is a homosexual, and lives purely because he is dependent upon a regular £25,000.00’s worth of anti-retroviral drugs, supplied from taxpayer’s cash, and is also campaigning for the PReP drug, at a cost, per year, of £12,000, to be freely available, again on the NHS, so that he, along with his many homosexual ‘companions’, long-term or fleeting, will be able to enjoy homosexual activity ‘bareback’: because of the intense joyous feelings allegedly ensured during the rather grisly process of sticking his penis into a willing partner’s arsehole.

My purpose in writing this small diatribe? Simples. All I would ever remark about this particular activity is this:-

When you, if female, or your wife, or daughter, or mother, or female friend of the family have been diagnosed with one of the many, all equally deadly, types of breast cancer, they have looked to their NHS consultant or hospital specialist for a supply of known and proven medication. A medication which, although not being able to cure that cancer, is certainly able to extend life-expectancy for many months once the cancer has been determined to be inoperable,

They, and you, will no doubt be reassured to learn that despite the anti-cancer drugs being unavailable, because of cost implications: that a large bunch of homosexuals are now being given Truvada, so that they may continue screwing around indiscriminately, without the use of condoms or other protection, just because, well: its nice to know that they’re N.I.C.E. to know!



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