Welcome to Khanistan…


So I’ve spent the past few days in London, a city which is increasingly unBritish in my opinion. The contemporary nature of the UK Capital has been significantly changing over the past few decades and one measure of this is reflected in the simple fact that the most popular baby boy’s name is … Mohammad.

London elected Labour politician Sadiq Khan as Mayor back in 2016. London’s large Muslim vote was undoubtedly a factor although it is worth reflecting that only 25% of those eligible to vote actually supported him. He postured as being commited to “liberal social values” and so I think it’s worthwhile to consider how he has pursued these liberal values.

Here are a couple of examples of the sort of advertising of which Mayor Khan approves.

Welcome to Khanistan... Welcome to Khanistan...

Both ads support “Islamic Relief” – a global “charity” which Israel and the UAE accuse of supporting terrorism.

Meanwhile, here are a few ads that Mayor Khan has banned/plans to ban.

Welcome to Khanistan...

Welcome to Khanistan...

It strikes me that Khan is banning aspects of popular western culture whilst approving of Islam centred charity. One could argue that perhaps he is simply supporting charities but when a CHRISTIAN charity tried to advertise on TFL they were…banned.

An attempt by evangelical Christians to promote “gay cure” therapies on the sides of London buses was banned last night sparking an angry row over free speech. The adverts were meant to begin running next week and mimicked a recent campaign by the gay-rights group Stonewall which used the strapline “Some people are gay, get over it!”.

Now regardless of what one thinks of this “Gay cure” ad campaign, it had no overt links to terrorism, unlike Islamic Relief. Yet one gets the pass to advertise and one is shut up. It is perhaps not entirely coincidental that British muslims are hostile to homosexuality. 

Khan has also been consistently hostile to the idea of a visit by US President Trump to the UK, despite the fact that the US is our closest ally. He has seemed indifferent to the rise of knife-crime, gang warfare and acid attacks that disfigure the UK Capital. Recently, he used his public pulpit to attack ANM’s Shazia Hobbs, a prominent campaigner against FGM and Muslim rape gangs. It is estimated that THOUSANDS of young girls have their genitals mutilated in London and yet there has not been ONE succesful prosecution. Mayor Khan chooses to attack those like Shazia who raise the issue and that begs the question as to whose side is he on?


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