Trump vs Khan = balloons over London


The mainstream media were viscerally excited and couldn’t wait to till us about one particular stunt that feral leftists have planned for the forthcoming visit to London by US President Donald Trump.

London’s mayor (Sadiq Khan) gave a group permission to fly a 20-foot-tall balloon depicting President Donald Trump as an angry baby over London when the president visits the city later this month. Mayor Sadiq Khan described the stunt as a “peaceful protest.” The group’s plan is to suspend the balloon above Parliament Square, beside the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, when Trump visits on July 13.

Here’s the balloon that they plan to fly.

Trump vs Khan = balloons over London

And here’s the effect they are going for…

Trump vs Khan = balloons over London

Cue smirks all around from the back-slapping Trump-hating foaming-at-the mouth Left as the Mayor London gives the thumbs up to this gratuitous insult to the Leader of the free world; of the world super power; and to our greatest ally. What could possibly go wrong? Well, this can.

Fate has a habit of coming back to bite you, baby, and so it is that a Crowdfunder to fly a “Baby Sadiq Khan” has already hit the required target. to get this flying over London on the same day. Here’s what it might look like!

Trump vs Khan = balloons over London

I think for extra authenticity it should have a stab-proof vest on as well as a few acid burns on the face to give it the authentic new “London look”. As I understand it, the crowdfund for the “Baby Khan” balloon has already exceeded the necessary amount and a few extra pro-Brexit balloons may also take to the skies over London on the day. Will Mayor Khan, that intrepid and fearless champion of “peaceful protest” (!) also give permission for an inflatable giant baby version of himself to fly in the sky? Surely he mus and when he does that will prove a delicious irony.

Predictably, the legacy media are leading with the ‘Baby Trump” story and all but ignoring the “Baby Khan” angle. They weren’t expecting that and it makes the situation much more awkward for our Trump hating MSM when the right respond in kind.

You could argue that flying giant balloons depicting political figures as babies is truly infantile and you would be right. In this situation though, Khan has ignited the problem by giving the OK for the Left to fly the Trump balloon so it is only fair that Khan agrees to fly a giant inflatable version of himself so we can be assured that his deep commitment (coughs) to “peaceful protest” is consistent!

Roll on the Trump visit.



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