The Justice System As Theatre For Ugly People

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“A black Jewish feminist lesbian could face a trial because she told a rally audience she would ‘thump’ any trans activists that came near her.”

Yes, it’s today’s ‘Can’t they both lose?’ story…

“Linda Bellos was reported to police over the alleged threat made on camera at a ‘We Need To Talk About The GRA’ (Gender Recognition Act) event in York.

However, the matter was dropped and a private prosecution was launched by transgender rights supporters.”

Roll up, roll up! The circus is in town!

“Giuliana Kendal, an openly transgender woman, appeared at the preliminary hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today to prosecute the matter.”

Oh boy!

“But Amanda Jones, defending the pair, said her clients have asked the Crown Prosecution Service to take over and discontinue the case.”

Errrm that’s been tried before, and it didn’t make things better….

Just sayin’!

“The pair appeared in the dock together, with Bellos sporting a pocket handkerchief in the colours of the Suffragette movement.

It became the subject of controversy as Ms Kendal made an application for the emblem to be removed – along with a woman in the public gallery who wore a T-shirt with the slogan: ‘Woman equals adult human female’.

The slogan refers to a poster commissioned by feminist Posie Parker in Liverpool that alludes to gender being ‘immutable‘.”

*rummages in bag* Out of popcorn already…?

“‘It’s brazen in committing contempt of court and accusing me, the prosecutor, left right and centre. More to the point it’s also obviously and clearly a breach of the Equality Act.

‘I say that because the offensiveness of the T-shirt and the offensiveness of the campaign is to deny me as a trans woman. It’s an abuse.'”

I wonder how the ringmaster will handle this?

“District Judge Richard Blake said: ‘People are free to wear what they want.

‘If somebody does wear things in court which are identified and do amount to an offence – and I’m not going to specify what that might be – but in this case I’m not satisfied the case is made for people to remove things in court.

‘I’m not satisfied that amounts to an offence. This case clearly reflects issues within the community of different sections of the community.’

‘I do urge everyone to identify with the case and not use it as an opportunity to further causes that they passionately support. I say that in the in the most negative of ways.

‘I think it would be helpful to take our minds to the issues that are before us. I understand the sincerity of the application, I do remark this caution – I urge everybody to be cautious.'”

Heh! Gosh. I wonder what the ‘Guardian’ is saying abou…


The Justice System As Theatre For Ugly People

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