One Down, Lots More To Go…

An image of a PC with crime scene tape across it
One Down, Lots More To Go...

Ex-Met officer Carol Howard accused her employer, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) of discrimination and harassment.

But a tribunal concluded the 39-year-old would complain of victimisation ‘if she does not like what is happening or is prevented from doing the work she chooses’.

The former firearms officer suffered from an ‘astonishing’ lack of perspective and ‘very poor’ judgment, it was said.

The judge said: ‘We are left with the uncomfortable conclusion that the claimant has an unshakeable but incorrect belief that if she does not like what is happening or is prevented from doing the work she chooses, this is discrimination [or] victimisation.’”

Good to see she’s ex-Met; clearly, they’ve decided that there’s no place in the Met Police for thin-skinned, prickly individuals who cannot cope with anything other than complete agreement and immediate compliance.

Though I do wonder why she didn’t just transfer to the West Yorkshire Social Media Unit instead…

One Down, Lots More To Go...

Clearly, they’ve decided there is a place for such individuals!


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