“Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”

A map showing the Shetland Isles position relative to Scotland

And now, nobody puts Shetland in a box!

“Maps will no longer be able to show Shetland in a box after a new law outlawed the practice, forcing cartographers to include an extra 125 miles of empty sea.”

*laughs hysterically*

“The move, which has been dubbed ‘boxit’ by some, comes after years of campaigning from islanders who were ‘irritated’ by the box.”

Well, I guess there’s really not much else to do up there.

“The Islands Bill was welcomed by the islands’ MSP, Tavish Scott.

He told the Shetland Times: ‘There is no excuse now for the Scottish government, its agencies or others to put Shetland in a box. The box is closed.

‘It doesn’t exist, whether that be in the Moray Firth or east of Orkney. Shetland is now in the right place. It is ridiculous that I had to change the law to make this happen but so be it.'”

You’re right, it’s utterly ludicrous. But not, I suspect, for the reasons you think…

So does this affect all mapmakers? Well, no.

“It reads: ‘A Shetland mapping requirement, which stipulates that Scottish public authorities must, in any map of Scotland, display the Shetland Islands in a manner which accurately and proportionately represents their geographical location in relation to the rest of Scotland.'”

Place it on Mars. It might as well be.


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