Napoleon Was Right….

A painting of Napoleon on horseback

He’s reported to have said: “There are no bad soldiers…. just bad officers.” And the British Army have accepted that challenge:

“They focus on inclusivity and are supposed to promote a feeling of camaraderie – but soldiers who dare to criticise the Army’s latest recruitment adverts could find themselves feeling rather isolated.

Senior officers are threatening to punish anyone caught making derogatory comments on social media about the £1.6 million ‘This is Belonging’ campaign.”

You aren’t taught to think in the army, just follow orders. And the orders of the day are ‘These adverts are great, you ‘orrible little men (and women)!’

“Senior officers are said to be ‘increasingly frustrated by the perceived negative impact that serving personnel are having on this campaign’.”

They really think that the rest of us aren’t scorning this pathetic piece of propaganda?

“Some critics of the films have pointed out that a memo designed to restrict free speech about an initiative intended to depict the Army as an inclusive, caring environment could be seen as ironic.”

Well, quite! But the progressives lack any form of self awareness, no matter which institution they’ve wormed their way into, don’t they?


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