Two very different news items should dominate British screens, news pages and the vast numbers of opinions which are available to those who actually think. But, they will not dominate for one very simple reason: they are just too real to be discussed without anger, annoyance and exasperation; they are but two symptoms of the vast chasm between the Ruled: and the Rulers: the fact that what rules is cash, what it represents, how it is taken, and how it is disbursed.

A woman is seated on a park bench in sleepy Bury St. Edmunds. We are not told of her illnesses; we are told she is ‘vulnerable’, which is code words for mental instability from various conditions. Suffice to say she is minding her own business, and hoping to have others mind theirs. But she is sadly mistaken, because a ‘hunting pack’ of five bullying young individuals who believed that, because they have all their faculties, because they are so arrogant, that because they want to do harm, they can physically attack and humiliate a sick woman, and get away with it. Readers will note that I do not state that these youths are ‘young men’; because MY definition of a man states that a MAN is purposeful, courteous, responsive, responsible both for his actions and his manner of living. They jeered and abused this unfortunate woman as would a wolf-pack. They left, and then returned to compound their crimes by throwing flour, covering this lady as they would a target, compounding their indifference to her fate by posting photos on various social media pages.

They are identified, arrested, but only one, who is over the age of 18, is identified. Cohan Semple, from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive and insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress. He will be sentenced later. His four fellow conspirators all pled guilty to similar charges. They were all sentenced to twelve-months Referral Orders, ( which means they are spoken to by starry-eyed social workers, who will assure them that, because of the Law, nothing nasty will ever happen to them; either as individuals, or, as a group.) and fined £100.00. A poxy £100.00 fine, and they are literally free. For the mental torture inflicted upon this defenceless lady; for the ferocious verbal attacks, the shouts, the jeering, the literal competition to see who could inflict the worst torture upon a mentally-ill lady: they get fined a bloody measly £100.00.

My sentence would be somewhat different. It would be as equally ferocious as that verbal assault upon that lady, but this time, there would be physical items for these five ‘animals’ to endure. A twelve-hour stint in the stocks, with plenty of over-ripe vegetable available as ammunition ( as well as tinned goods possibly donated from food-banks), might give this particular wolf-pack some idea of what it would be like to be on the receiving end of a small amount of the misery which they inflicted upon the silent and stoical head of their defenceless target!

The second item which shows the huge gap which exists between the very minds of those exalted people who sit in government; and those who fund the excesses of that same Government through taxation.

For many months, an attempt has been underway for either the banning of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (F.O.B.T.s) in British betting shops, pubs and other venues, or at least, the slicing of the maximum cash the punter is able to wage from £!00.00 to the recommended £2.00. When I also state that a fresh ‘spin’ can be undertaken every thirty seconds, the reader can gauge how much cash can actually be lost by ‘gambling’ on these addictive machines. The ‘estimated’ tax take gained yearly from these machines is approximately £400 million: but the amount of cash estimated to be lost to the grasping bookies is said to be £1.7 Billions per year. The Government bowed to immense pressure, and agreed that the stakes would be reduced from £100.00 to £2.00 by next April, but seemingly the bookies’ ‘friends in high places’ have reminded the Chancellor how many jobs are ‘at risk’, as well as how much tax would be lost to the Exchequer; so he changed the date, and gave them six months extra. A single Minister, Tracey Crouch, who had long campaigned against these addictive F.O.B.T. machines, resigned from the Cabinet; but I doubt very much if her resignation makes an iota of difference. Seems like the cash, or rather the idea of getting some more cash from F.O.B.T. use; is more appealing that reducing the possibilities of gambling addicts killing themselves, or ruining families across this sad, silent nation! Gamblers tried to get themselves banned from using these machines, but the bookies just gave them ever more credit, and more chances to lose everything on the ‘crack cocaine’ machines of the high stakes gambling machines!


The bookies claim they need a year to alter the FOBT machines to decrease the stakes from £100.00 to the stated £2.00. As most of the staked cash is done by credit cards, the changes can be made in minutes, through coded instructions from central servers; I reckon the changes could be made within one month; never mind six.

As my headline stated:-




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