In Support Of Jack Buckby (gushes and all).


I met Jack Buckby in the pub the other night. We share a mutual friend and he was coming to see her and a couple of other people we were with. I’d heard all about him and had dismissed him in my mind as a Nick Griffin fellating nazi, white supremacist tattoos and all. Of course I had seen snippets of him in conversation where he describes himself as a ‘culturalist’ (as am I) and it was probably the only piece of common ground I could find with him in among all the lies and the hysterical fiction that has been written about him. I’ll give credit where it’s due and I admit to admiring his courage during his years at uni when he had to be protected by friends acting as his bodyguards purely for having an opinion. His political stance made the tolerant, all-encompassing left want to do him physical harm, and for some reason the fact that his friend had a skinhead (more likely the man was simply balding) reinforced the ‘fact’ that Jack was a nazi coz you know how all white men with skinheads masturbate over Hitler.

When he came to our table my little tranny heart fluttered and my politics flew out the window. He’s a good-looking man. Introductions were made, alcohol was consumed and the conversation was free-flowing and full of humour. I was sandwiched in between my friend and Jack when suddenly I had to go to the ladies’ room for a tinkle. I politely asked Jack if I could squeeze past him and he very generously slid over to the side in order that I could get past the table. There was plenty of space for me to stand up but I couldn’t resist pretending that there wasn’t enough room and so I ground my ass-cheeks into his groin, pretending that I was simply struggling with a lack of space and unable to get to my feet. I was pretending that giving him a lap-dance that was verging on sexual assault was utterly unavoidable. Everyone at the table laughed, including Jack (although I will note at this point that he made no attempt to remove me from his knees – something for you to think about there, Jack. Call me, babe, any lonely night).

When I came back from the little girl’s room, Jack very graciously stood up to allow me to occupy my former space at the middle of the table. I insisted that there was no need and that I was happy to sit at the end of the table. As we both were sitting down, I placed my hand, palm facing upwards, on the seat at the direct location where Jack’s pert buttocks would land. And, wow, did they land. Right onto my hand. He jumped up and people laughed, as did Jack, and of course I removed my hand but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was some kind of chemistry growing between us. I wasn’t sure if he was flirting with me or not. I was getting mixed signals from the boy.

But, anyhow, I digress. I was curious about his tattoos, his white supremacist, racist, nazi tattoos. He looked at me in disbelief and he laughed as he rolled up his sleeves to show one tattoo of an English Rose and another of a Celtic-looking cross. I found myself thinking of Enoch Powell and his message (not because of anything Jack said or did). Of course Enoch Powell was right. He was also prophetic, and no one listened to him, and no one is listening to anyone else who shares his message to this day. Jack Buckby and Douglas Murray both speak about unparalleled immigration rates, too much too soon, the likes of which the UK has never seen. The number of people flowing into the UK is simply unsustainable and I won’t bore you with talk of housing shortages and NHS because it’s all been said before. All the ‘right’ are looking for is for controls to be put in place, they’re not looking for a ‘whites only’ utopia. All you need to know about Jack’s detractors is that they can only throw the usual nonsense of “bigot” and “racist” at him and be outraged that he would dare to talk about Islam. Yes, he has the audacity to DARE to talk about the protected species which is Islam – the same Islam that allows the honour-killing of women and girls, allows parents to force their girls into marriage where they will be raped, and which says it’s okay that gays can be thrown off of buildings, and that’s just for starters. That’s a sure sign Jack’s doing and saying something right.

Is Jack a racist? Am I? No, we’re neither. I can’t speak for Jack beyond the fact that he has publicly declared himself to be a culturalist, but I would say that for myself I’m a human conservationist – I want all cultures and ‘races’ (if race is a real thing) and skin tones to survive. We breed dogs and demand they be as pure as possible. Ever watched Crufts? What’s wrong with wanting to keep Somalians a majority in their homeland, the same with Chinese, Japanese, and any other ‘race’ you can think of INCLUDING white Brits. Everyone loses in a multicultural scenario. The left love to laugh at the right, chortling to themselves that the white race will die out soon, without realizing that every other race will be dying out also – brown becomes less brown and yellow becomes less yellow. It’s at this point that I’d like to point out that the white gene wins out in colder climes because we don’t need all that melanin in our skin. Look at Ronda Rousey, blonde-haired and blue-eyed. She had an African-American grandfather and there’s not one part of her looks or physiognomy that would hint at that. So this gloating by the left is simply more evidence of how illogical they are in their thought process.

I have been a foreigner abroad. And when I was, for those six years, I loved my minority status. I loved the attention I got for my accent as well as all the questions I was asked about my home-land. At no point did I whine and moan and stamp my feet and demand special status or privilege or rights. At no point did I call my host country ‘racist’ and demand that they take in more of my fellow-countrymen. I wasn’t born in that new country. I fully expected to be a minority. I expected the same human rights’ treatment as everyone else in the land, but I didn’t expect to be handed the role of ‘diversity officer’ at some university purely because I was a foreigner (as is happening in the UK today). It seems the only requirement for that role is that a person be brown, Muslim or a Pakistani female, preferably with a gap between your two front teeth or a napkin tied around your head as though you’re about to carry a bucket of water from the nearest river on it or head off to pick some cotton. And that is pretty much all the qualifications you need to get yourself into that position in order to start WHINING about white privilege which always happens to be their sole focus and main manifesto.

It’s a reality that in my lifetime white flight is a very real thing, and if I want to see how Cockneys used to live and work and socialize, I have to go to a photographer’s gallery or a museum. If I go to the East End of London today it looks like Pakistan meets Bangladesh. The English way of life is dying out, particularly in the major cities and towns. White people are a minority in a lot of English areas and the English language is rarely heard being spoken on the street. What’s wrong with wanting to maintain and preserve and pass on your own cultural traditions and beliefs and heritage to your future generations, including your skin tone? ‘Absolutely nothing’ is the answer to that question, in case you’re wondering. Whites should remain the majority in the UK, and that doesn’t mean that non-whites get treated differently. We have anti-discrimination laws in place, and agencies also in place to ensure that those laws are upheld. That’s fair and equal treatment for everyone regardless of skin tone, sexuality, gender, etc.

And it also goes without saying that some cultures are better than others. Any fool can see that. Life is short and I don’t have another 1,000 years to wait and hope that some barbaric practices are stamped out – killing albinos for their mojo, or killing witches, or executing gays in a public square. It will be interesting to see how Jack progresses (or not) in the political sphere. He certainly isn’t being given the same second chance that former self-confessed ‘paki-basher’ and former member of Combat 18 (named after Hitler) Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate has been given now that’s he’s head of research at HNH. Nor is Jack being forgiven in the manner of self-confessed sexual-assaulter Brendan Cox (husband of murdered Jo Cox who was applauded by the left for admitting that he needed to examine his conscience for his sexual inappropriateness at the same time Trump very rightly notes that groupies use their bodies as currency to enter the space of their favourite celebrities and you can grab them by their pussies or their balls).

Jack showed real courage standing for a seat in Jo Cox’s constituency. The left used her death as a political tool, they’re shameless that way. They weaponised it while knowing nothing about her and probably not giving a damn about her. The left will use any old tool to try and beat the right over the head with, including race. Islam is their current favourite weapon. You won’t hear a bad word about it from any of them, even though most of them don’t know the first thing about it. It’s my opinion that Jo Cox should have cared more for the young white raped girls and the grooming gangs in her area than she did for refugees and the notorious White Helmets who are not the angels they would have you believe they are. Former member and promoter of terrorism, Maajid Nawaz (yes, the terrorist group he promoted are still growing strong and holding rallies in London to this day) has been given a major chance at redemption – radio slots, TV shows, journalism gigs and more. Maajid says he never promoted terrorism and that he was simply a naive member of an Islamist group, driven there because someone used a racial slur at him in his youth. Aww, big boo-hoo. Let me know if you need your nappy changed babe. I’ll not be changing it for you, but do please let me know so I can laugh at you even harder than I usually do. I consider Maajid’s former group,Hizb ut-Tahrir, to be a terrorist organization because their goal is to establish a global caliphate. That, to me is terrorism. End of story. I don’t care how Maajid describes them or what -isms he cares to apply to them and his time spent with them. And even if Hizb ut-Tahrir are simply nothing more than an Islamist group using politics to control the population, as a tranny I wouldn’t fair very well under that system.

What drives these terrorists and their supporters? How delicate are you that if someone calls you a mean word you’re so quickly driven to extremist groups? That says a lot about a person. As a gay tranny, can you imagine the amount of abuse I’ve had to deal with, and still deal with on a daily basis? At no point has grabbing a gun or joining a terrorist organization ever crossed my mind. I’ve been in more than a few fist-fights in my day, taken some punches and given many back. Trust me, there’s nothing more humiliating for a man than to suffer a public beat-down at the hands of a tranny.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes. Dreaming of the beautiful children that myself and Jack would produce. Lovely little white Jack juniors running around with my fabulous sense of style and Jack’s smoldering eyes. Jack Buckby is not a racist. I met him for an hour and his company was a delight. I suspect when he was younger and drawn to BNP he felt like a disenfranchised youth who wasn’t enjoying the direction in which he saw his country heading. No one is perfect and everyone deserves a second chance. The bigger debate to be had here is why are white people feeling disenfranchised in their own land. That to me is a problem that needs solving and a question that needs answering without the abundance of name-calling that usually accompanies such talk.


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