I’m tired of getting opportunities to say ‘We Told You So’….


“Police are wasting thousands of hours dealing with ‘hate incidents’ which are too trivial to be classed as crimes.”


“The reports included someone alleging racism when a man’s dog barked at them, a mother angry after her children fell out with others playing in the street and a man who claimed a tennis umpire had made racist line-calls against his daughter.”

And because of the ludicrous legislation introduced by Blair’s government, and never repealed by the so-called ‘Conservatives’ under Cameron and May, the police have no choice.

“Crucially, the police must record a hate incident simply on the word of the alleged victim, then investigate by sending an officer to visit or making a phone call.”

So is now the time they start calling for May to act to prevent their time being wasted in this manner?

Reader, it is not:

“A National Police Chiefs’ Council spokesman said: ‘By recording and reviewing reports of hate incidents, police forces play a vital role in helping prevent hate crime.

‘Officers can often use these reports as an indication of where and when tensions could escalate into violence. Victims and those feeling vulnerable should report any incident of hate crime to the police.’”

Take heart, though. There are some ‘crimes’ they quite rightly ignore:

“Miss Sandbach last night did not respond to a request for comment. Cheshire Police said they were not investigating the email.”

Our police farces and our ‘Conservative’ MPs. Neither are fit for purpose.


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