Gaza & Selma.  The only thing common to both is a vowel!


A contributor to Al Jazeera writes on the Gaza border fence with Israel, and the attacks by the willing fools of Hamas, and the firm, swift and justifiably deadly retaliation of the Israeli Army. But the Al Jazeera contributor goes a step further, and compares Gaza with Selma, Alabama. A comparison which, as far as this observer is concerned, is as relevant as comparing cheese with concrete: two very, very different things indeed.

Gaza was a Jewish dream, homes and villages, a flourishing economy, with factories, glasshouses filled with all kinds of vegetables, a thriving place. But the truth was that that same dream was, in fact, a mirage; because the Jewish settlements and the factories absorbed a vast number of Israeli soldiers. They had just to keep the tenuous peace, where tragedy, violence, ambush and death from the Palestinian terror groups operated; those terrorists being recruited from the thousands of Palestinians who had been living in the area under Egyptian rule. The Six-Day War in 1967 altered the political geography of the whole area, and brought the Gaza Strip under Israel’s control.

The Israeli and Jewish ideals, of work, of farming, of education, made the spread of the productive communities into a microcosm of Israeli life, and, as a side issue, gave work and employment to many thousands of Palestinians. But the strife, terror and simple warfare between the Israelis and the Palestinians within Gaza was, to the Israeli Government, too high a price to pay. So they decided to make the whole Jewish population move out of the Strip, build new townships and rehouse all 8,000-odd Gaza residents in safety within the main borders of Israel. The Israeli Army moved in, most of the residents moved willingly out; and those who did not wish to move, were moved.

American philanthropists paid around $14 million to buy 3,000 of the largest greenhouses from the departing Israelis, and handed them to the Palestinians to form the basis of their own agricultural industries. However, the Palestinians looted dozens of greenhouses on one day, walking off with irrigation hoses, water pumps and plastic sheeting in a blow to fledgling efforts to reconstruct the Gaza Strip. Palestinian police stood by helplessly as looters carted off materials from greenhouses in several settlements, and commanders complained they did not have enough manpower to protect the prized assets. In some instances, there was no security and in others, police even joined the looters, witnesses said.

In a very short exercise in democracy, the Gaza Strip Palestinians went to the polls, and elected Hamas, the terror organisation. The Hamas killers swatted the flimsy PLO opposition away, shot those who ran, and threw those captured off tall buildings in a definite sign that Hamas rules, and to hell with any opposition. With the Israeli blockade tightening, they commandeered the concrete and re-bar destined for civilian construction activities; and commenced digging and operating smuggling tunnels towards and under the Egyptian border; and attack tunnels towards the Israeli border, instead of negotiating a truce with their Israeli neighbours. Fast forward through two or three small but vicious wars between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, past thousands of rockets sent towards Israel by Hamas and its acolytes: with predictable heavy-weapon fire from armour and fighter-bomber reactions from Israel. Hamas has decided to push its suicidal-morons towards the heavily-fortified border fence, intent on breaking through, and onwards into Israel. The Israelis reacted with aimed live ammunition fire, targeting those ‘protesters’ likely to gain close proximity to the fence; and totalling some dozens of casualties, with hundreds injured.

The Al Jazeera writer stated:- As a result, the ground is shifting in the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land, reflecting the urgency of the human rights violations taking place there, and the ongoing efforts of the Palestinian-led movement for justice, freedom and self-determination.

Which statement, in and of itself, is truly a load of old codswallop. Israel stands united, on its own sovereign soil, and all the bleeding-heart liberal bullshit will not change one iota of Israel’s very right to both exist, and to defend herself against either mobs armed with bombs running towards a border fence, or a bunch from the same brigade of bandits firing random rockets from schools into Israel, in the hope that they will kill a Jew or Two.

But that same writer compared Gaza, along with the murderous activities of Hamas; with Selma, Alabama, and the march towards Civil Rights for everyone, inclusive of the Black man; which was marked with the crossing of the bridge by the marchers. To compare a huge section of America, which WAS neglected, segregated and ignored; and commenced the slow march towards civil equality; to the bloody onslaught of the Hamas-led and          -inspired attacks upon a sovereign State: utterly and totally ridiculous!


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