“We will never surrender!” Geert Wilders tells #FreeTommy


Dutch politician Geert Wilders today paid tribute to Britain as he demanded Tommy Robinson be freed from jail and declared: “you can throw us in jail, but you will never defeat us”.

He was speaking to between 10 and 15,000 Robinson fans outside Downing Street following a march that had earlier started at Trafalgar Square. The Dutch opposition leader, who was prevented from entering the UK in 2009, condemned the British state for turning a blind eye to the rape of thousands of English children and girls for decades while people like Robinson had been attempting to raise awareness of it.

To large cheers, he told the crowd: “Enough is enough. We will not be gagged anymore. No more tyranny. My friends, 75 years ago, your fathers and grandfathers liberated my country from tyranny.

“My country, the Netherlands, is a free country today, because the British brave boys and men, people like you, liberated us.

“And do you know how we used to call these British soldiers? We called them Tommies!”

He continued: “Tommy is in jail while the British state looked the other way for years, when thousands — thousands — of English children and girls were brutally raped by those grooming gangs.

“They were your daughters. The daughters of the brave Tommies. The daughters of the hard-working, decent people of Britain, who made this beautiful country so great.

“But for years, and years, the police, the politicians, the prosecutors did nothing, and looked the other way.

“They refused to listen to the victims. They arrested fathers who tried to liberate their daughters. They left children in the hands of those gangs.

“But Tommy, my friends, Tommy acted. Tommy didn’t look in the other direction. He refused to ignore the problem. He gave voice to millions of Britons who were abandoned by the authorities.

“And when Tommy protested, the same authorities could not be fast enough to jail him and to gag the media.”

“We will never surrender!” Geert Wilders tells #FreeTommy
Wilders addressing crowds outside 10 Downing Street

And Wilders issued a chilling warning to governments across Europe and said ‘the people’ were no longer afraid to stand up against mass immigration.

“I tell you, today we have a message for all the government of the world, and our message is: ‘We will not be silenced! We will not be intimidated! And we tell the government, we are not afraid of you,” he added.

“We will never surrender! We will stand strong and do our duty, we will defend our civilisation, and we will protect our people.

“And I tell you, to the governments, you can throw us in jail, but you will never defeat us.

“Because, my friends, for every Tommy whom you imprison, thousands will rise up.

“So take notice Theresa May, take notice Dutch prime minister Rutte, take notice, Mrs Merkel and President Macron.

“Take notice: The future is ours, and not yours. We will defeat you politically — because we, my friends, we are the people.

“And every day, more people are joining our cause. The cause of freedom. Every day our members grow, and our demands are right and just.

“This is what we want. First, and most important: Free Tommy Robinson!

“But we also want you to give our countries back to us. Stop selling us out. Stop the mass immigration. Protect your own people. Stop gagging us. Restore the freedom of speech.

“My friends: long live Great Britain. Allow me, long live the Netherlands. Long live freedom. But most of all, long live Tommy Robinson!”

There were also speeches from AltNewsMedia correspondent Shazia Hobbs, For Britain party leader Anne Marie Waters and UKIP supremo Gerard Batten as lines of police separated a small number of counter-protesters along Whitehall.

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain


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