UKIP Resurgence


Apparently, UKIP is so busy at the moment processing membership application forms that the head office staff are having to work weekends, well that is what I am told anyway but whether that is true or not remains to be seen. I have been told the membership is now back to 20,000, though when I responded with, “Well it was 42,000 when I quit in 2014” that wasn’t received very well but that is true. So let’s say for argument’s sake that the UKIP resurgence is a reality, it really begs the question as to why that is and is the reason for it actually genuine or are people simply being taken for mugs?

If I ask myself what has UKIP actually done since June 23rd 2016, it really is difficult to think of anything positive, nothing whatsoever jumps out instantly to say they did this and it worked really well… Maybe someone can put something in the comments that I might have missed due to closing my eyes after seeing so many embarrassing moments over the past two years, in a party that I was once a very proud member of. What have they done in regards to ensuring Brexit? Nothing whatsoever, what they have chosen to do instead, is constantly attack the one person who is actually in a position to deliver Brexit, Theresa May. Now don’t get me wrong here, by all means, hold governments feet to the fire to ensure they deliver the Brexit we voted for but some of the fictitious nonsense put out by UKIP over the past couple of years has been quite staggering. A perfect example of fiction is Nigel Farage’s constant repeated nonsense on LBC stating that Theresa the Appeaser is a Remainer because she would not answer Iain Dale’s question as to how she would vote if there was another EU referendum, I actually lost count of the number of times he repeated that one. Now I know Nigel and he is a lot smarter than that I can assure you and I know even he would not have answered such an obviously politically weighted question. What Iain Dale was really asking her was, who did she want to upset the most by answering that particular question, 16 million voters or 17 million voters and no politician worth their salt would ever have answered that. So do cut the crap Nigel Farage, your mask slipped a long time ago. 

The truth of the matter is ever since June 23rd 2016, UKIP has done far more to help Remain and the EU than they have to help Brexit and the UK, that is an undeniable fact. So why the sudden resurgence, why are normally sane people actually shouting that UKIP could be the next party of government, when we all know that is actually an impossibility, especially now with Gerard Batten effectively turning UKIP into what can only be described as For Britain 2. The new UKIP party leader is actually breaking party rules by associating with Tommy Robinson, I know because I was warned about supporting Tommy whilst in UKIP but it still didn’t stop me but then I wasn’t the party leader. So I began to wonder what could make the UKIP NEC turn a blind eye to the rulebook and it didn’t actually take me long to find out… I suspect it is because they need this resurgence in membership desperately and it all stems back to the Jane Collins libel case. The £175,000 was only an interim payment of a court bill that is a staggering £669,605.68 and when Ms Collins did not pay up the three Labour MP’s took the matter back to court to claim the outstanding amount from UKIP, the judge made it a joint and several debt of Ms Collins & UKIP. The judge also ordered an investigation into Ms Collins financial affairs and if she does not have the funds then she will be forced into bankruptcy and the whole debt will then be UKIP’s. Could this be why Gerard Batten and the UKIP NEC have gone against all the advice of the Overton Window and ignored their own party rulebook?  

Then I began to wonder why this information regarding the Jane Collins bill was not all over the press, I suppose it could be because UKIP had become so irrelevant in British politics that they were no longer interested but then I kept seeing UKIP in media interviews and thought, hang on a minute, they lost nearly all of their vote share in GE2017 by backing the Tories and airtime is vote share related, so really UKIP should be getting less airtime than the LibDems, that is clearly not the case. Is it possible that UKIP is now controlled opposition, is it even possible that they always have been or at least have been for a long time now? I know that after we won the European Elections of 2014, there was a sudden change in UKIP, I left because I saw them suddenly going in a direction I had no wish to travel and the NARP’s (Newly Arrived, Rapidly Promoted) types like Suzanne Evans and others who did not have a clue what UKIP was actually about nor were they interested in finding out, simply wanted to turn UKIP into the exact same kind of establishment party we had always been against. Well, we saw how well that worked out. 

Then look at the fiasco with Henry Bolton, he saw the faults and wanted to implement the changes needed so the NEC and others quickly ousted him and UKIP is still exactly the same as it was beforehand, nothing has really changed other than them getting rid of the silly Leo the lion logo and going back to its original, recognised brand of the pound sign. Though I did hear that all those who bought the new logo merchandise were told tough luck and were never refunded, no doubt those aggrieved by that are now in For Britain or DVP. Never really been that good at looking after the foot soldiers has UKIP and that is something else that still hasn’t changed. Another thing that hasn’t changed and it is something that Godfrey Bloom pointed out in 2013, UKIP is like the butcher, baker, candlestick maker of British politics and very few in the party actually have any political nous about them, if there was they would not continuously keep doing things that will obviously achieve nothing and risk serious damage if wrong.

Just imagine for a moment that the Tories are a competent political party who is fully aware that the EU will never agree to a deal, could it be possible that they are using the two years exit negotiations to not only show the rest of the world we are an honourable country worth dealing with by trying every possible avenue to come to a fair deal and then when the time is right, throw in the towel and walk away. Wouldn’t replacing a Brexit secretary and a Foreign Secretary with two new faces who are not beholden to anything Boris and Davis may have verbally agreed, set up a perfect scenario to throw that towel in and if she was to walk away on a no deal Brexit then May would then be seen as the new ‘Iron Lady’ in the eyes of the voters and all those who have been attacking her would look incompetent and unelectable… Is it possible or is it more probable that the Tories are going out of their way to commit political suicide as UKIP constantly tries to tell us? You decide…

Of course, this is only my own personal opinion based on what I have seen and dug up, there is always the possibility I am wrong but I do think people need to stop looking at UKIP through rose-tinted glasses and stop with the nonsense idea that they will have any effect over the outcome of Brexit at this late stage of the game. I suspect we will be out of the EU by the end of October and it will be a No Deal Brexit and how will UKIP look then if I am right? At least they will have saved their necks again with all the membership fees I suppose but that is not going to be of great help in Britain after Brexit. In just ten months time there will be the local elections across the country on May 2nd 2019 and I suspect there will be another General Election before then. These are the things that all parties outside government should be concentrating on now, especially all those with no influence over what will happen with Brexit… Have faith in the EU not agreeing to any deal and crack on with getting ready for elections, otherwise, we could be stuck in the two-party state forever… 

Marty Caine 

What where the chances of Nigel Farage going on his LBC show and praising the socks off Sarah Champion MP after I had written that last article and before it was published, now people will think it is a response to that but it genuinely wasn’t. Also the founding members of Engage-NI have just decided that they are going to go back to UKIP, and undoubtedly they will think that article is an attack on UKIP because of them, once again it isn’t. It is simply that I genuinely do believe that UKIP are saying what people want to hear because of that £666k court bill but you couldn’t have odds that all happening at the same time.

I have put out the following statement about the current state of Engage and where we are at with the party.

Engage – Is not going anywhere…

UKIP Resurgence


Engage was formed in 2017 and was originally named Demos Direct Initiative Party (yes it was a bit of a mouthful we know) DDIP was originally created by Marty Caine as a fall back party for John Rees Evans is he failed to get Direct Democracy implemented in UKIP, he did fail to do so but it turned out he had been involved with a party named Affinity all along and was basically just stringing us along. Alan Love and I found this out when we travelled to meet JRE at the UKIP conference in Torquay when he failed to become the leader of UKIP for the second time. Anyway, that’s politics for you and it’s all water under the bridge, though it did actually waste the first eight months of the party, but hey oh. When we realised he was not going to be taking the reins Alan and I agreed the first thing we needed to do was get rid of that awful name and we put it to the party members to come up with a new name for DDIP… Then end result was ‘Engage’ which was suggested by my wife and Engage-NI leader Jordan Stewart’s wife and it really does describe what the party is truly all about…

The fundamental idea behind Engage was not just to create a new political party of the same mould as the rest, we knew that the best way to change British politics for the better was to change how a political party actually functions.  We had seen how UKIP was infiltrated and taken down from within because they used the standard Top-Down power pyramid of political parties and we recognised that as a major flaw, so we decided by utilising Direct Democracy we would turn the Power Pyramid upside down and empower the whole membership. Every member has one vote and we vote on everything, it is easy to infiltrate the top tier of a party and corrupt it but you cannot corrupt a whole party membership. So that is the foundations that Engage was built on, a party where decisions are made by the majority not the few and we create a party debate platform so that all members got an equal voice within the party. The other thing we understood was no two areas have the same problems, the demographics change right across the country so we introduced an idea whereby every branch would work as an independent unit serving the people of their own communities and then work collectively on national party issues. We also knew that if we could get people putting their heads together in finding solutions we would once again get back to learning from each other once again and that is something that has been lacking in society for far too long. The concept of Engage is a hard one to argue with.

However, it has been a long hard struggle, especially with so many new parties starting up like For Britain, DVP, One Nation, etc. We just haven’t had the funding to push that concept out and have watched parties that do have money behind them grow but sadly repeat that same old top-down system that will only ever lead to failure in the end. Then UKIP started playing the anti-Islam card and basically saying what people wanted to hear, the behind the scenes incompetence that led to their demise was still there calling the shots and there have been no startling new policies put forward. The only change I have seen was getting rid of Leo the Lion and Gerard sounding more like AMW than she did but alas it seems to be working for UKIP as they are gaining members. However, if I ask myself what has UKIP actually done since June 23rd 2016, the answer I come up with is nothing but embarrass themselves. I can fully understand why Labour and Lib Dems would vehemently attack Theresa May, second-guessing what she is doing in regards to Brexit whilst knowing full well she cannot actually reveal her plan anyway but I cannot for the life of me why UKIP have done so as well. Whether you love or loath Theresa May, there is no denying she is the only one in a position to deliver Brexit, a Brexit that UKIP fought very hard for, so I fail to understand why they would want to scupper their only horse in the race. Surely they can see that has only ever helped Remain and the EU?

Would it not have made far more sense for UKIP to promote a ‘Britain After Brexit’ idea, convincing people that Brexit is the right move and showing how much better we will be after we leave, rather than siding with Remain in the Doom and Gloom campaign. Sorry but I simply don’t buy it UKIP but it seems many are buying it but I have a sneaky suspicion that when they realise it has far more to do with a £666k court bill from the Jane Collins case, many will not be so forgiving. Unfortunately, the UKIP surge has been sold in Northern Ireland and Engage members who formed the Engage-NI branch have decided to give UKIP another chance. We have lost Jordan Stewart, Alan and Helen Love, the founders of Engage-NI and they have now returned to UKIP. They do tell me that the UKIP-NI have got their act together and things are a lot better now, so all I can do is wish them all the very best and accept in politics people have to do what they think is best and follow their own political path. Maybe they will prove me wrong and UKIP will get back to being the breath of fresh air it was in British politics when I joined in 2010 but my gut feeling tells me that is not going to happen. In the meantime, Engage-NI will remain registered in a hope that others will take up the mantle there, Engage is a UK party and that will always include Northern Ireland.

I will continue on along with others in an attempt to create a new kind of political party and I do strongly suspect that once we leave the EU people will be looking for something new in British politics more than ever before. Isn’t it time we threw away the outdated Left and Right political ideologies that keep people shouting at each other instead of shouting at government like we should be. It seems to me that in today’s politics the politicians are not the main problem, it is those senior civil servants who have actually forgotten who they work for, no longer civil nor subservient and they see us the people as nothing more than cash cows for over-inflated salaries and gold plated pension pots. That is the real issue that needs to be addressed in British politics once we are free of the EU. This is what Engage is really about, not having a select few writing policies that we want others to simply agree with, we want people putting their heads together in finding the best solutions for the betterment of us all. Sheeple need leading, Engage members much prefer to voice opinions and debate issues, so really everyone in Engage is a leader because what they have to say, leads to debates we have. I suppose Engage is not really for those who desperately want a charismatic leader who will pretend to have all the answers but it is certainly for those that want to contribute to creating real change for the better…

Having seen the debate process work to produce what I believe is the best and most honest NHS policy of any UK party,( Engage NHS Policy ) I know Engage has a winning formula and though I am often told to give up on the idea, I am not quite ready to do so yet… So the title ‘Engage is not going anywhere’ means it will still offer people something new on the political menu, whether it will ever be a success is entirely down to the people who get on board and try to make it happen. We have planted the seed and I will continue to nourish and water that seed for as long as I possibly can and hopefully one day it will grow into a Direct Democracy tree with branches everywhere across the United Kingdom…

All the very best…

Marty Caine

Party Leader


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