“Satan dressed up in a babygro” in her killer’s own words


Social Service workers, usually only too keen to take children away from ‘limited abilities’ parents, or UKIP-voting parents, or arguing parents, or even parents who are temporarily depressed, because of post-natal problems.

Their record seems to be rather patchy when it came to the protection which tiny Elsie deserved, as they had visited the home of Matthew Scully-Hicks and his Husband, Craig; after reports of problems with tiny Elsie.

In a total of fifteen visits, they did not once find worrying evidence of the treatment which this baby-faced monster in human disguise was wreaking on this tiny child’s body. FIFTEEN visits; fifteen times when one of these ‘highly-trained’ and ‘socially-responsible’ Council workers could have deduced that, beneath the facade, there lurked a vicious predator. Even after she suffered a broken leg through ‘falling downstairs’ from the loving attentions of this homosexual adopter ‘father’!

So, the couple was left to ‘look after’ this small child, and now tiny Elsie is dead, at the hands of this baby-faced monster.

But the question which has to be asked, but quite possibly will never enter the public domain, is, put simply: ‘Did the killer get special treatment because the two men who had adopted little Elsie were the Social Services’ favourite pin-up type; Homosexuals? Were they given the benefit of the doubt because of the two ‘husbands’ lifestyles? Were the social workers afraid to puncture the ‘wonderful picture’ of the adoring ‘fathers’ and their tiny, defenceless daughter?

  • Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, shook Elsie Scully-Hicks and threw her down on floor
  • He denied murdering her but was found guilty by a jury after a four week trial
  • Her Murder came just two weeks after he adopted her with his ‘Husband’ Craig
  • Elsie had broken leg and once vomited blood in series of attacks before murder
  • Social services missed chances to save her and saw her 15 times before death
  • Two social workers failed to notice a bruise that was on her forehead for 8 weeks
  • Report says professionals ‘lacked curiosity’ about string of injuries she suffered

A toddler was murdered by her adoptive father under the noses of social workers and doctors who refused to accept he was anything other than a ‘positive parent’, a damning report revealed today.

Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, from Cardiff, subjected 18-month-old Elsie Scully-Hicks to months of horrific assaults before killing her in an attack so severe her tiny body looked like it had been in a ‘car crash’.

Scully-Hicks, who was married to ‘Husband’ Craig, was visited 15 times by at least three social workers and he made numerous visits to the GP and A&E when he injured Elsie – but there was ‘no concern’ about his parenting.

Professionals viewed him through a ‘positive lens’ and insisted her adoption to the middle class and well-educated gay couple was going well until she died, a Child Practice Review said.

Today Vale of Glamorgan Council social services chief Lance Carver apologised to Elsie’s natural family – who believe she would still be alive today if still in their care.

But Mr Carver also admitted no social workers had been disciplined or sacked over the mistakes because it was ‘not appropriate’.

Abandoned by Social Workers, because the adoptive “parents” were a pair of homosexuals who were thus regarded as untouchable; that small mite with the enchanting toothless smile didn’t stand a chance!



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