Hamas attack, media goes to war with Israel!


Yesterday saw the opening of a US Embassy in Jerusalem, another promise fulfiled by President Trump.

Hamas attack, media goes to war with Israel!Hamas attack, media goes to war with Israel!

Naturally this recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Jerusalem (a position held by successive US Presidents, btw, but never acted on, natch) has met with studied fury from Hamas and we’ve all seen the ensuring violence take place as Hamas and its useful fools lay seige to the Israel border. Naturally, Israel has defended its border, killing many Hamas terrorists in the process. However the legacy media has instantly reverted to type on this one and Israel is cast as the pantomime villain of the piece and Hamas terrorists are innocent victims whose only crime was to try and….erm…kill Israeli soldiers.

Hamas have made clear what their intent was. Here is what the Hamas leader had to say on the subject…

Hamas attack, media goes to war with Israel!

And yet we get these sort of headlines…starting with the epicentre of Fake News, the New York Times.

Hamas attack, media goes to war with Israel!

So Hamas seek to swarm across the Israel border and “tear out the hearts of Jews” and THAT is a Trump failure? Using that curious metric, any US decision anywhere that is met by violence is “a failure” – a recipe for the studied impotency of the Obama era. Then we move on to this…

Hamas attack, media goes to war with Israel!

Two things. What SORT of parent brings their teenage daughter to a war-zone? Second, if she prayed to die for the cause, then she got her wish surely?

And then there is the classic dissembling of CNN…

Hamas attack, media goes to war with Israel!

Dozens “of Palestinians”? Even the Palestinians are not that coy! Here is a Hamas press release, as they mourn their dead terrorists.

Hamas attack, media goes to war with Israel!

Israel states that at least 24 of the dead were member of Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organisation.

The legacy media is trying to suggest that Israel should not defend itself from rampaging Palestinian hordes. So should it just allow invasion, would THAT make the media happy? The truth is that Hamas is a death cult that willingly sacrifices its own in order to garner the sympathy of an inherently anti-Israel and anti-Jewish media. Israel is right to defend itself and the White House has been refreshingly clear on this one;

Hamas attack, media goes to war with Israel!



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