Could WW3 start in Syria?


It’s remarkable, isn’t it? The West intervened in Iraq – result? Chaos. The West intervened in Libya – result? Chaos. And now the drums of war in the West beat loudly to intervene in Syria. Anyone want to wager what the result will be there?

The most infuriating aspect of this current call to arms is that is based on a tenuous, if not entirely fake, narrative.

Let’s summarise what has happened to date. There appears to have been a chemical weapons attack in the (Al Queda affiliate) Army of Islam controlled suburb of Douma. Video has been released by what the media coyly refer to as “activists” (Army of Islam activists ) showing people in apparent distress. However let us assume that this attack did actually happen and that real people did indeed suffer. You may wonder why I say this but I offer you this visual photograph oddity of what goes on in Syria in the propaganda war! Same man, three different “attacks” in Syria over a two year period. Either he has really bad luck or else…

Could WW3 start in Syria?

Now, assuming that the attack was real, the question is who did it? Who had the motive? Who gains from it? The legacy media seems disinterested in this and are pushing the narrative that the Assad forces were the culprits therefore they must pay the price. But the Assad forces have Douma surrounded and are about to win a comprehensive victory against the various Islamist groups operating in Syria. With Russian help, these assorted Head Choppers and Jihadi have been pummelled into the dirt and have been in retreat for many months now. The only thing that could save them would be if something was to happen that could then be laid at the feet of Assad. Lo and behold it did. Only two weeks ago US President Trump talked about a complete withdrawal of US forces from Syria. That would have enabled Assad to complete the rout of the Head Choppers. This attack being attributed to Assad means that the US presence and intensity of activity will only deepen. So since Assad would KNOW that, why would he countenance such an attack. It makes him the loser in the scenario, it brings US military might down on his head, so again I ask, WHY would he authorise it?

Looking at the situation dispassionately, the only people who benefit from this “nerve gas” attack are the embattled Islamists in the Army of Islam in Douma. Why does the media not even consider this as a possible scenario? We know that the “rebels” in Syria use chemical weapons so is it so unreasonable to ask could they do so again, this time to save their own scrawny necks? They have motive, they have done it before, so at the very least it must be a possibility. The mainstream media dismiss this and almost universally chime that we must act against Assad. They casually ignore the fact that in the absence of evidence this is simply taking the word of partisan Islamist head choppers as gospel.

This is not the worst part of it, however. Russia has actively been supporting Assad repel the assorted Islamist groups. Russia has assets and soldiers in the theatre in Syria. Military action by the West could end up killing Russians in Syria. Russia could not just sit back and ignore this and so the threat of escalation to a much greater level of conflict is possible.

A stand off between Russia and the US in Syria is a possible trigger to a major global war. And all over the desire some seem to harbour to bring down the  secular Assad regime and and replace it with radical Islamists. Isn’t this insane? Should the Assad regime fall, the tsunami of refugees leaving to go to Europe will start again and radical Islam (backed by Saudi) will have another playground in the Middle East. Actions have consequences.


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