The final betrayal of Brexit, we are STAYING!


Remember back in 2016 when against all odds, and against the wishes of the then Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, the people of the UK voted in record numbers to LEAVE the EU?

17.4M of us struck what seemed at the time to be a blow for a sovereign and free United Kingdom. A United Kingdom unshackled from the EU and all its agencies. Given that he had supported the case to Remain in the EU, Cameron felt an obligation to resign and very quickly, the then Home Secretary Theresa May, was shuffled into Number 10 and it was clear that she had a unambiguous task – to fully and promptly deliver Brexit.

At the time, when asked for her vision of Brexit, she replied that “Brexit means Brexit” – a hollow soundbite patently designed to placate all sides. However in the intervening two years we have seen May move to clarify her position. Despite the triggering of Article 50 at the end of March 2017, May then moved to uniltaterally declare in September 2017 that there would be a two year “transition period” after we theoritically leave the EU during which we will abide by European Union rules and pay into the bloc’s coffers. Because we will have “left” at end March 2019 we will have no influence over any decisions the EU makes during this subsequent two year period but we will pay £££billions into the EU each year for the privilege of such servitude.

Were that not bad enough, yesterday saw the government publish a paper which makes it clear that it is preparing for the UK to remain in a so-called “temporary customs arrangement” with the EU even AFTER the end of the transition period  – with an “expectation” that it might end by December 2021 at the latest. Please understand that an expectation is not binding on anyone, it is simply a hope and as the aphorism puts it, hope makes a good breakfast and a poor supper.

The new situation is that the EU has to simply sit back and not agree to anything, and the UK will remain a paying member but with no rights and no influence. Theresa May will have successfully subverted the entire point of Brexit, ensured that the UK is a vassal state of the EU, and shown all other EU members that democracy cannot be allowed to work against the EU.

The tyranny from Brussels is clear but so is the spineless cowardice from May and her cabinet of quislings.

Brexit doesn’t even mean Brexit anymore under May. It means Remain.


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