The End Of The English?

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Last week, it seems almost unnoticed, the government published a statistical document that contained information about schools in England. Included in this was a graph showing the percentage of ethnic minority children in our state-funded schools over time. The graph shows that the percentage of children from ethnic minority backgrounds in state funded primary schools has grown steadily and rapidly from 21% in 2006 to 33% in 2018 (with secondary schools only slightly behind at 30%).

“Schools, pupils and their characteristics: January 2018”

There is almost no variation in this trend in the graph, it is nearly a straight upward line over the period. Unless there is a very dramatic change in government policy, our state-funded schools in England will have a majority of ethnic minority pupils within just two more decades. Consequently, the white British will themselves be on course to eventually become a minority in England as the older generations die off.

There is also no reason at the moment to suppose that the trend won’t also continue relentlessly beyond that point until the white British have completely vanished from the face of the earth. Of course the failure of the white British to have replacement level numbers of children is a major factor in this trend, but immigration policy and unrestrained welfare are also major factors as well, and the growing burden of taxation that is funding this rapid race replacement is making it ever harder for working people of all races to have children.

While I was raising my concerns about the above trend (and related matters) on Twitter yesterday somebody called me a racist cockwomble. I was quite upset by that so I wanted to share my thoughts with you the readers about my views on all this and on the subject of race in general and as it were put my views before the jury of public opinion.

In the past I steered clear of the subject of race, I thought it was quite risky enough to be as critical of Islam as I am. However I am increasingly alarmed by the trend for non-white politicians in the UK to play the game of identity politics. It’s not just Muslim pressure groups with their endless and hugely exaggerated complaints of victim-hood that are behind this either, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott for example has apparently accused the British people of having “invented racism”. Of course anti-semitism is also in the political news a lot lately, there have been seemingly endless controversies involving the Labour party for example. I really fear we are becoming an increasingly divided country, particularly in the political sphere.  Perhaps diversity is not strength after all, as we are so often told. I hope it hasn’t escaped the reader’s notice that an awful lot of these problems are problems emanating from the Labour party, and that the trajectory this country is now on was begun by the Labour party’s mass immigration policy commenced under Tony Blair’s government.

I also notice that something very strange and unhealthy is going on in our schools and in higher education – history is being re-written, our past is being portrayed in a very defamatory fashion. The Times for example recently reported that universities in the UK were hosting “white privilege” workshops where lecturers were taught that white people enjoy a privilege that they have not earned. One such workshop:

“Walking on the ‘White’ side of the street”


“We discuss why White people accrue advantages and benefits simply due to the colour of their skin and how Whiteness as a discriminatory force is as prevalent today as it was 400 years ago”

I have not personally attended such a workshop, nor do I wish to, but I really wonder whether all the Western advances in science and technology that have produced huge improvements in our quality of life ever get a mention in these “workshops”. Of course we could mention that the British were the first to abolish the slave trade, and that many poor white people toiled in appalling conditions in factories and mines in the past, and fought and died in wars that protected our liberty; these “advantages and benefits” were hard earned by our ancestors in fact.

Of course the real objective of such workshops is not to help us get closer to the truth about the past, they are designed to play on our “white guilt” in a reprehensible attempt to gain political advantage for the “BAME” section of the population. White guilt is a racist concept of course, since to blame all white people today for the sins of some of their ancestors in distant and very different times is obviously the very height of racism. I know I am not alone in dreading the prospect of what sort of future leaders are going to emerge from today’s “education” system, and I simply cannot express how much I resent the fact that I am forced to fund this “education” system through my hard-earned taxes.

Putting these trends together I see a deteriorating situation in the UK. Add to this the rising violent crime that is occurring mostly in our inner cities where the perpetrators are disproportionately from ethnic minorities and you have a picture that is really not a rosy one. People have a natural tendency to want to be around people of the same group – they have an “in-group preference”. As our capital cities are increasingly home to people from other parts of the world we see a process of “white flight”, where the white people move out to the provinces. The country is becoming increasingly balkanized as a result. Nothing is fueling rising racial tensions as much as the feeling that the white British are being deliberately and rapidly replaced with people of other ethnicities.

Nowadays it seems that merely expressing concerns about race leads to people jumping to conclusions about the views that you hold on these questions. My definition of “white nationalist” is a person who wants an ethnically pure nation where only whites are allowed. I am not a white nationalist, I do not wish to see British citizens discriminated against based on the colour of their skin and I do not wish to see British citizens deported from this country just because they have the wrong colour skin. It may have been a huge mistake for the UK government to encourage vast numbers of people from other cultures to come and make this country their home, but those who have legally acquired British nationality are not to blame as a group for what is happening – again I stress it is the Labour party which created this situation that we now find ourselves in.

I hope we can stitch our increasingly divided country back together again, I really fear the situations that may develop if we do not – the above trends suggest to me that there may be serious trouble ahead. To do so we are going to have to make some tough changes through the political system – tough welfare reform, an overhaul of the border security force (which disproportionately employs ethnic minorities) and the immigration system. I also want to see the abolition of so-called “positive” discrimination which is simply just discrimination of another kind – I am glad to see that Donald Trump is doing just that in the US. I believe in equality of opportunity for all British citizens, but equality of outcome is a nonsense – people have to earn success through their own hard work and talent, success should not be handed to anyone on a plate.

The developed world is obviously going to continue to be a huge magnet for people born in poorer and less well developed countries. Considering the demographic trends in today’s world we can expect the pressure to not only continue but almost certainly intensify. With every new arrival we have a very serious and growing problem – those new arrivals will tend to be poor and they will eventually acquire the vote, and of course they will tend to want to bring their relatives and friends over to join them, so they will tend to vote for the party of unrestrained welfare and unlimited immigration (aka the Labour party).  Unless we overcome our fear of being called childish names and achieve a drastic change in government policy, then the trend of race replacement of the white British inhabitants of our green and pleasant land is likely to continue apace.  Time is of the essence, because there will soon come a point at which the critical mass makes such a change impossible to achieve via the ballot box.

So, what do you think? Am I a racist cockwomble?


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