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‘Leftism: A mental illness alongside bi-polar and autism.’

No, that isn’t the Oxford Dictionary definition of Leftism, that’s my own. I fully stand by it. I once said on LBC – to gasps of astonishment – Leftism should be considered a mental aberration. Having observed various facets of it since I was in my teens, I am more convinced of this argument with every passing year.

Yesterday, I highlighted Danish Lefties expressing solidarity with Muslims wearing niqabs in defiance of the new prohibition law there. Today, it’s Scottish Lefties. And, if there’s one place in Europe that is steeped in Left-wing politics, it’s Scotland. Another ten years of SNP rule and we might even see Conservative voters in Scotland branded on their foreheads for identification purposes.

So what are these Glaswegian Citizen Smiths hollering about? It’s the plight of 300 failed asylum seekers who’ve been evicted from social housing units in the city. In other words, these illegals have managed to get to Glasgow (mostly) from Afghanistan without, astonishingly, finding one safe country in between; they’ve subsequently been assessed by the Home Office and found to have no entitlement to remain in the UK; and as such they’ve been evicted from tenancies funded by British taxpayers. The only mistake the Home Office has made is not rounding them up, shipping them 10 miles along the M8 to Glasgow Airport, and flying them back to where they originated from with expeditious speed!

These are not asylum seekers, they’re economic migrants (or, in all probability, welfare migrants) who arrived illegally in the UK, are illegally in the UK, and were living in houses supported by the rest of us in illegal circumstances. Why should they be prioritised over Glaswegians with young families, Glaswegians who’ve served in the military, or Glaswegians leaving the parental nest for the first time??? What the hell is wrong with those protesting their fate? To paraphrase President Clinton: ‘It’s Leftism, stupid’.

Glasgow must be one of the few places in Britain where you’re more likely to get the support of serial protesters if you’re an illegal immigrant than you are if you vote for the Conservative Party! For that’s what generations of adherence to Left-wing politics does to the brain, folks! It rots it from within.


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