Political Establishment Savages Plymouth Students:


Guest article by Sam Corfield

The Conservative Party, MPs, national news outlets and fellow university students have rushed to demonize the Plymouth University Conservative Society after a photo emerged of the group wearing plain blue t-shirts scrawled with, what some deemed to be, offensive slogans.

The political establishment’s fury was set ablaze by scribbles of: “Fuck the NHS”, “Enoch”, “Trump”, “Brexit” as well as a Star of David accompanied by the word “Jude”. One young Conservative was, according to the Daily Mirror, making a white nationalist hand gesture (the OK gesture favoured by the Alt-right, scuba divers and Alt-right scuba divers).

Moor View Conservative MP said “Totally unrepresentative (and separate to) the Conservative Association I have built in Plymouth Moor View. Idiots with no place in the Conservative Party. No need to suspend pending investigation; eject and bar for life.”

Plymouth Labour MP tore into the group by saying “Plymouth University is a great uni, but these young Tories have embarrassed themselves, their University and the city with their stupid actions. “These young Conservative members should think long and hard about their actions. These aren’t just a bunch of young kids, they’re the Tory volunteers rolled out to meet and greet Tory Ministers in Plymouth and they’re the bedrock of the local Tory party. “Hitler moustaches, the Nazi slogans on their clothing, the hate and the white power symbols should not be acceptable in mainstream politics in 2018. These young Tories have brought shame onto themselves, Plymouth University and the city of Plymouth through their actions. There’s no place for hate in our society and these young Tories have demonstrated there should be no place for them in politics until they grow up.”

Conservative party HQ declared any party member identified in the incriminating photo will be suspended pending investigation.

The context of the photo is clear. A group of rowdy, drunken university students, having a good time and trying to embarrass each other with permanent marker. To anyone who’s been to university it’s a familiar scene. Unibrows, edgy statements, Hitler moustaches and stupid pictures are staples of a uni student’s marker pen night out. The only thing these students are guilty of is being students. Students with a sense of humour, fun and holding the wrong politics.

We live in a joyless age where the most innocent drunken fun can be pounced upon by the puritanical killjoys who make up the permanently offended political establishment. Who knows what would have happened if Boris Johnson and David Cameron if their alleged Bullingdon Club exploits had been exposed in this way. The most tragic thing about this story is the Conservative Party no longer stands up for its members and has joined the social justice offense taking bandwagon and will do their part to ruin these young people’s lives.


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