Political Correctish


If you thought the English language was flexible, wait till you read something in Political Correctish. Whereas Zamenhof invented Esperanto, the British media gave us Political Correctish. And, although written in English words, the meanings of those words have been bastardised to such a degree, it’s safe to say Political Correctish should now be seen as a tongue all of its own.

Twenty years ago, a mass movement of people attempting to break through the borders of a sovereign state would rightly have been described as an ‘illegal invasion’. Attempts to prevent them from doing so would have been described as ‘protecting the laws and integrity of that state’. In fact Article 4 of the US Constitution specifically states that the country will protect its citizens from invasion. President Trump’s efforts to reinforce the frontier with Mexico should therefore be seen in that light.

So what the hell is a ‘migrant caravan’? When I think of the word ‘caravan’, I think of a fibre glass cuboid object, propped up on two wheels, with a butane gas cooker, cramped beds, a bucket to piss into which you empty down a drain in the morning, sited on a windswept bluff near Filey. Who came up with this term as a description for an illegal Latin American attempted invasion of the United States? Did a group of Corbynite lexicographers sit up all night at the BBC, scheming as to which ridiculous comparative they could use to pull the proverbial wool over the eyes of their licence fee-conscripted customers?

Let’s get it straight. This isn’t a ‘migrant caravan, a ‘migrant mobile home’, a ‘migrant VW camper van’ or a ‘migrant dormobile’. It’s an unwanted and intimidating mass of Hondurans who’ve already crossed two international frontiers illegally, and are now attempting to cross a third. Using words like ‘caravan’ is just a feeble effort to win over the hearts of people here who’ve long since forgotten what it’s like to live in a country determined to protect its own borders. But don’t assume it washes with everyone. Far from it.


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