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Former Conservative MP David Willetts used to be somewhat patronisingly referred to as ‘Two Brains’ during his spell in the Commons due to his alleged cerebral capabilities. Since being elevated to the Lords and being one of those responsible for trying to obstruct Brexit, it seems he’s lost one of them. Then, his latest proposal on the creation of a ‘citizen’s inheritance’ gave us conclusive proof he’s lost the other one too.

A ‘citizen’s inheritance’ is basically another term for giving everyone who reaches the age of 25 a £10,000 bonus to be funded by those of the baby boomer generation through taxation. As if inter-generational relations haven’t got bad enough since the EU referendum, with a host of metropolitan do-gooders almost counting the seconds till all those over the age of 65 die, we’re now being told robbing the seniors to placate the millennials is a great way of rectifying generation disparities of wealth and opportunity.

For the life of me I can’t understand those who cry from the rooftops about how hard young people experience life these days. The overwhelming majority own gadgets their parents could only dream of; can travel the world far more cheaply than those who went before; and are afforded varsity and career opportunities galore if they have the determination to succeed. The two biggest crises – housing affordability and wage suppression – have been chiefly caused by mass, open-door immigration over the past 20 years. And, given young people seem most predisposed towards not only the principle of a global free-for-all on migration, but the political party (Labour) most sympathetic to it, I’d say their housing and wage predicaments are by-products of their own ideological preferences. If so, why should older generations be robbed of their assets to rectify the consequences of them?

This notion that older generations enjoyed upbringings of sunny uplands and cushy surroundings is the by-product of a snowflake generation pushed by the media into resentment and disrespect towards their elders. My Mum, for example, was the eldest of six and therefore had to help in the raising of her siblings. She was nine years old before she enjoyed the ‘luxuries’ of an indoor toilet and fixed bathtub. By the time she was 16 she was working a 48-hour week. Everything my Mum has acquired in her life has been done via hard work and dedication. Why should some surly, impudent millennial be awarded a cash bonanza out of the assets she’s accrued? How dare anyone even make such a suggestion?

Giving people £10,000 to buy a house would simply create greater demand at the lower end of the housing ladder. As the country already is far behind housing targets due to a rising population driven mainly by….yes, that right….mass immigration, the knock-on effect of price rises would almost overnight wipe out the cash sum. It’s the sort of thinking that wouldn’t pass a GCSE economics paper. If Lord Willetts wants to do something more productive with his time, he should concentrate on not trying to overturn the Brexit referendum result with fruitless amendments to the Withdrawal Bill instead of acting like an ermined Leslie Crowther and playing ‘The Price is Right’ with people’s fiscal rectitude.



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