Gender Dystopia


I can’t pretend that I have given much thought to the gender wars issue until now, but the case of Laurel Hubbard has forced me to confront the issue and I’ve decided.
So here it is: no, you’re not a woman just because you say so.
New Zealander Laurel Hubbard won gold at the Commonwealth Games competing in the women’s weightlifting.
A few years back, when she was Gavin, she was winning medals competing in the men’s weightlifting.
And I can’t really say this kindly but, if you look at Laurel and you look at Gavin, the only difference is a pony tail.
Now, I know there is a certain type of woman who goes in for synchronised swimming or dancing about in a leotard, whirling ribbons as they go and a certain type of woman who goes in for the shot putt and weight lifting.I get that.
But both types of woman deserve credit and praise for what they have done. They both deserve recognition for the years of effort and training and work and specialised diet and carefully controlled medications they have put in to be the best at what they do.
Imagine seeing all that snatched away by a competitor who is, quite clearly, a man.
It’s not just me saying this. Speaking at the Commonwealth Games,  Samoan coach Jerry Wallwork said: “A man is a man and a woman is a woman and I know a lot of changes have gone through.
“But in the past Laurel Hubbard used to be a male champion weightlifter.
“The strength is still there and I think it’s very unfair, and for all females it’s unfair.”
Lauren Hubbard passed all the requirements to make it into the Games and compete in the women’s competition and, basically, that just means her hormone levels were acceptable. It doesn’t alter the fact that she has a male physique.
The least convincing aspects of any sex change, the things that always make an ex-man stand out, are the hands, the hair and the walk.
And the brutal truth is that Lauren is never going to get a gig with the Lady Boys of Bangkok.
But it goes deeper than that. It’s in the mind too.
Australian Weightlifting Federation’s chief executive, Michael Keelan, said: “If you’ve been a male and you’ve lifted certain weights, then you suddenly transition to a female, psychologically you know you’ve lifted those weights before.”
I am baffled as to why we take this transgender stuff seriously. If Gavin Hubbard had turned up at the doctor and said: “I’m the Emperor Napoleon,” the doc would have had serious concerns about his mental health. In fact, the more strongly Gavin held to his belief that he was Napoleon, the more certain the doctors would be that he was unwell.
But, if Gavin insists that he’s really a woman, the doctors believe him. Why is that?
Don’t tell me it’s because Gender Dysphoria is a recognised medical condition. Less than half a century ago homosexuality was also a medical condition. It’s not now.
How do you get to be a woman just by saying you are? Gavin couldn’t have turned up at the Paralympics and “self identified” as a quadriplegic but he can go to the Commonwealth Games and be a woman.
Why would you want to win a medal on that basis? What’s the value of it?
Not that Lauren is a guaranteed winner. At the world championships in December she finished second in the women’s super-heavyweights behind Sarah Robles of the USA.
That must have hurt. Imagine getting beaten by a girl!


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