Guest article by “Temporary Altruist”

“The dawn of the internet finally gave citizens of the World a place to discuss their views, and their dissatisfaction of leaders and politicians, away from the confined and biased output of mainstream media, but those heady days of freedom are long gone.

The early internet was described as a virtual Wild West by some, but it finally gave humanity an opportunity to speak up about the corruption, corporate influence, and power-hungry nature of some of our less than esteemed leaders, but now the very people that early internet users sought to expose, have turned the most powerful mass-media propaganda tool that humanity has ever known against us, and the situation is not going to be improving any time soon.

Free speech is increasingly coming under attack online, under the guise of fighting hate speech, yet the definition of hate speech is deliberately kept obscure and poorly-defined, and a quick browse through the archives of internet heavyweights such as Twitter, quickly reveals that comments calling for the death, torture and elimination of white people are fully endorsed by the platform, as well as many in the public eye, while right-wing commentators, usually far more moderate in their views, are quickly silenced, often for ever.

The internet of course is over-populated with the most extreme members of society, while in real life the voice of such extremists is muted and far less effective. Against an increasingly well-informed global public, who constantly battle to even have their voices heard on social media, huge numbers of people have decided that as they are no longer represented online, they have resolutely decided that they will not be silenced. And neither should they, for the voice of reason and sanity is now only heard from one side, at least in the virtual World.

The unimpeded hatred and animosity of the left has now moved on from its unending and tiresome criticism of President Trump, and instead begun to be felt by everyone who does not subscribe to the extreme left-wing views of the rabid online minority who are the instigators of real hatred. As a centralist and libertarian, traditionally considered to be slightly to the left of center, I have received countless death threats and accusations of fascism from frothing-at-the-mouth teenagers with black masks and violence on their minds, but fortunately, I’m old enough to remember real fascism, and I see it now, in the very people that seek to silence me.

Together, all those who wish for stability, safety and security, both personally and for their nation, can be proud that history will show them to be in the right, when the current fanaticism of the left-wing has finally been exposed as an engineered outrage, created by those who wish to take away your right to speak your mind forever. In the real world, unlike in tightly-controlled internet forums, people will stand up for what is right, and all but the weakest will refuse to bow to a system that only demands their compliance and obedience no matter what is demanded of them. So next time you read something online and think ‘This person is insane’, remember that the silent majority of humanity is thinking exactly the same.”


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