“Grandad, why is Tommy Robinson in prison?”


by Richard Inman of United Kingdom Freedom March.

[03:56, 7/6/2018] John: As I was taking my Grandson to the swimming pool the other day he asked me “Grandad, why is Tommy Robinson in prison?” I thought for a moment and said, “Son, for telling the truth!”

Truth is now a crime in the UK, whatever the technical legal reasons given for Tommy Robinson being arrested and monopoly board style banged up without passing go or collecting £200, he went straight to Jail for telling the truth about racist rape gangs!

Of course Tommy is not the first or the last to face the wrath of the establishment for stating the obvious that the western world has a huge problem with migration, integration and in particular Muslim migration and integration.

The media and political class are bullies who take pleasure in trying to destroy people who disagree with their narrow view of the world, they target people in the UK and the rest of Europe who challenge their open borders Euro-fascist agenda. People who speak out about the threat of Islamic supremacists, Jihadists and racists Muslim rape gangs, are demonized and criminalized in a pincer movement between the media and political class.

The press are first to pounce on their victim savaging him or her with a hit piece, normally supplied by a far left or Islamist supported group. Then the “Liberal” “Progressive” politicians start virtue signalling pouring scorn on the poor unsuspecting victim, who has dared to highlight the dangers of mass immigration from countries with a jihadist terror “problem.” Or the fact that the victims community has been changed beyond all recognition by an influx of non English speaking folk who have no wish to assimilate and in fact who are told by their religious and civic leaders that soon they will soon dominate the entire country.

The final phase of the destruction of the victim is the local “hate” Police unit get involved in the inquisition. The victim is arrested and interviewed recorded evidence of speeches is played to the victim, if there is evidence of a “Hate” crime the victim is charged and sent for trial. We have seen this with an evangelical Pastor in Belfast who called Islam “heathen and spawned in hell!” he was arrested and sent to trial for expressing a deeply held religious belief. We have seen it with the young man who was sent to prison for throwing bacon at a mosque, his sentence became a death sentence. The young man was found dead in his cell half way through his sentence.

Now we see Tommy in prison once more, for exposing the epidemic in mainly Pakistani Muslim rape gangs, who are thought to have raped up to 1 million girls over a 40 year period, many of these girls have been raped hundreds of times. So we could be looking at up to 100 million rapes in the UK the vast majority of which have gone unsolved. So what does the criminal justice system do?

It sends the man sounding the alarm to jail! British justice is great isn’t it!
The question is who is the next victim of the virtue signalling inquisition? We may have to cast our gaze across the Irish sea to Belfast to find a local councilor, who is outspoken about Islam, who is white, who is working class and who the local media is now targeting, with their campaign of intimidation.

Jolene Bunting is the current hate figure Belfast’s bully boy media has set its sights upon, shes is being demonized for tweeting pictures of a frog! For voicing her concerns over the Islamization of the UK and Ireland (48% of migration to the UK is Islamic) and for organizing rallies promoting free speech at Belfast city hall! The three pronged attack on this mother of young children, is well underway, the so called “liberal” parties Alliance, Sinn Fein and the UUP all lash out at Jolene in unison with the press, so I would imagine it will not be too long before the “Hate” squad splinter the door frame of Jolene’s house. You had all better be careful like the old lottery advert said, next “It could be you!”


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