Cleric’s son wants Imam Tawhidi “slaughtered”


Ali Khakani, the son of a leading Shia Muslim Imam in Western Australia, has called for the slaughtering and murder of Imam Tawhidi.

A Facebook post was published on Saturday which featured Imam Tawhidi wishing a Happy Birthday to right-wing Australian Senator, Pauline Hanson. This angered some Australian Muslims, especially Imam Tawhidi’s critics, which pushed Ali Khakani to make two separate comments to the post, showing both his surprise and willingness to kill Tawhidi, otherwise known as the Imam of Peace, by saying:

“I still can’t understand how no one has caught this pig and slaughtered him.”

His response was followed up by a comment from Sayed Islam who said:

“I wish to kill a few people in cold blood, he is one of them, but then again, I wonder, they aren’t worth spending my life in jail.”

Khakani, however, seemed to imply spending time in jail was a price worth paying if the cost is Imam Tawhidi’s murder. He sinisterly added: “I swear to God, I don’t mind going to jail if someone hands me Tawhidi.”

Cleric’s son wants Imam Tawhidi “slaughtered”
The screenshot showing death threats made by Khakani

Speaking exclusively to AltNewsMedia, Imam Tawhidi said reports of credible death threats had today been filed to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the Australian Federal Police and will be observed by a legal representative during his time outside of Australia.

Khakani is the son of Imam Hussain al Shatri al Uboodi, also known as Shaikh al Khakani, who is a leading Shia Imam in Western Australia and the representative of Iraq’s Senior Grand Ayatollah Sistani. His son, operating from his Arabic Facebook account under the name “Ali al Uboodi”, has also previously shown a desire to kill Imam Tawhidi.

Cleric’s son wants Imam Tawhidi “slaughtered”Cleric’s son wants Imam Tawhidi “slaughtered”

This incident comes after Imam Tawhidi was forced to hire a U.S-based cyber security intelligence company to monitor Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to scan for any threats to his safety. The company, which cannot be named for both contractual and security reasons, provides its services to Imam Tawhidi for more than $17,000 USD a month as of February 2018. According to Imam Tawhidi’s office, the full amount is paid for by officials who are deeply concerned about his safety, and whom he met with in Washington DC and New York in January.

Cleric’s son wants Imam Tawhidi “slaughtered”
Shaikh al Khakani, a leading Shia Imam in Western Australia

Intelligence reports are then shared with relevant authorities, which include national security hotlines, intelligence departments, local and federal police, as well as security agencies which operate within airports in order to monitor and assist in the prevention of potential terrorist attacks.


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