Beautiful Somalia?


The UK left Somalia in a beautiful, pristine condition. Just look at this video from 1968.

Later, the Somali tribes (Hawiya, Ishaq, Darod) fought each other to death and bombarded the whole country into pieces. Now Somali refugees in Europe  on welfare benefits accuse us of somehow ruining their country. But haven’t they done a great job of doing that for themselves?

Beautiful Somalia?

Somalia south was governed by Italy, Somalia north by the UK, but the UK controlled all of Somalia post WW2. In 1960, at independence, the 2 sides agreed to unify and create one Somalia. Big mistake as they are different tribes and promptly started killing each other. It has never recovered.

There are an estimated 250,000 Somalis living in the UK however the real figure may be higher as many Somalis with Dutch residence (circa 20,000) permits and passports are believed to have moved to the UK because of the higher benefits paid here compared to Holland.

Shockingly, it is estimated that unemployment amongst Somali men in the UK is believed to be around 65%. This is many times higher than any other ethnic group. A stunning 84.1% of Somali women are economically inactive. 64% of Somali refugees have a low level of English language skills at the time of their asylum decision in the UK, which hindered their ability to find employment.

Whilst the UK has traditionally offered sanctuary to genuine asylum seekers prepared to come here, contribute and integrate, it is rather difficult to see quite how Somalis meet this standard.


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