Amongst the most ludicrous of all conspiracy theories


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Amongst the most ludicrous of all conspiracy theories is the one where the Jews are said to control the world. Only complete fools such as Nick Griffin, David Duke, David Icke, Jeremy Corbyn and their supporters believe such utter nonsense, but believe it they do. However, whether people like to admit it or not this is called the “horseshoe effect” where both Far Left and Far Right join forces as they both share in the oldest of hatreds. They also share much more than just a hatred of Jews though. They both seek to impose authoritarian totalitarian states on to us. They both want the State to control everything.

When Donald Trump was running to become the President of the US and received the unwelcome endorsement of David Duke, the media in the US went crazy with Far Right conspiracy stories, as they always do despite the fact that President Trump has demonstrated without a doubt to be the most pro-Israeli President ever in American history and this is yet another reason for the terrorist supporting lunatic Far Left fringe of the Democrat Party to mirror the Far Right.

Well, the same thing has happened in the UK, but this time the three conspiracy nut jobs of David Duke, David Icke and Nick Griffin have all endorsed publicly and repeatedly Jeremy Corbyn for PM solely because of Labour anti-Semitism, it is the reason why Jewish schools and Synagogues require twenty four hour protection, it is the reason why anti-Jewish attacks in the UK is at an all-time high, so if the Jews actually did run everything as these conspiracy theorists believe, especially the press why is the Corbyn / Griffin alliance of hate not front page news?

The answer of course is only slightly more complicated as well as two-fold, firstly (and most obviously) the Jews do not control the media and anyone who thinks they do is so stupid they have in fact ironically been brainwashed by these very same media organisations, these people are the weak-willed mentally challenged herd mob who scream “racist” at everyone else, even when in fact they are the biggest racists of all, but these simpletons are willing to believe Corbyn can still do no wrong, even when presented with concrete undeniable evidence of the lies he has told throughout his political career and has brought Labour into disrepute.

So why the media blackout? Imagine if David Duke had given his endorsement to Brexit, what would for example the BBC have done with that? Can anyone seriously imagine they would have buried the story as they have done with the Griffin/Corbyn endorsement? Of course they would not have done, in fact they would openly and deliberately have used it as a stick to beat the Brexiteers with the false accusation of “racist” as they tried to in the last week of the Referendum when Jo Cox’s death was deliberately and incorrectly linked to a Far Right extremist instead of the truth that it was someone with a history of mental health issues.

Still we all trust the BBC yes? After all they are supposed to be impartial aren’t they, Owen Jones told us so and he is not one of the greatest liars of the Far Left is he? Except he is a liar and cannot handle being told the world does not revolve around him and his nasty party and leader he is now so suddenly proud of. No the other reason for the media blackout is that Project Fear 2 is now in full swing and due to the Absolute Boy’s change of mind over the EU, the Europhile BBC, ITV, SKY and Channel 4 have all collectively decided to throw the Jews under the bus as they see this as their best chance of forcing a second Referendum or “People’s Vote” as some people have now called it.

The cynical nature of this attack on one of the UK’s most vulnerable yet valuable established communities just shows how all the major news outlets operate, how selectively they choose the narrative as well as their own inherent bias against Brexit, how they constantly have panels of Remainers outnumbering Brexiteers, how they constantly refuse to condemn the bigoted language of Remainers and instead seek to vilify Brexiteers as stupid, racist people who simply did not know what they were voting for, and it is just an outrageous sham.

The way the major news networks have orchestrated and are co-ordinating Project Fear 2 is almost unbelievable. The reason it has taken them this long is because they never expected to lose the first Referendum. This is the real reason why the Liberal elite who run the major news networks not the Jews (as the conspiracy theorists would have you believe) are not covering the story because Labour and their useful idiots the Liberal Democrats are seen as their best way of getting to stay in the EU. They will not do anything to alter this narrative.

The only way Brexiteers are going to change this is to force the Government to adopt a far stronger stance on Brexit, protect the Jewish community and stop listening and watching the selectively edited propaganda being constantly fed to us by the Fake News Media.


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