A fake sovereignty from a fake Conservative Government.


In 1997, the weak Conservative Government led by John Major suffered a catastrophic defeat, their worst since 1906, losing 100 seats and ushering in the era of Blair.  In the aftermath of the Chequers conference and the Cabinet Agreement to support May’s new deal on Brexit, it seems that 5th May 2022 will see history repeat itself as this weak, unpopular and traitourous Vichy Conservative administration is swept from power.

The omens are grim for May. The latest Survation opinion poll has Labour now showing a clear lead. CON 38%-3 LAB 40%+2 LD 10%+3. Looking below these headlines we also find that 52% of Leave voters now say that the government’s position on Brexit talks represents a sell out – with only 25% of Leavers saying that Theresa May’s proposal is the best deal the UK could get. Meanwhile only 29% of Brits think the agreement is faithful to the referendum result, with 49% of Leavers saying it isn’t and only 22% saying it is. When asked of the May plan was a ‘blueprint for a soft Brexit’, 55% of all voters agree including 58% of Brexiteers.

52% of Leave voters = over 8million voters, a massive danger to the Government, yet one which the Cabinet quislings gloss over through spin and outright deceit.

A snap poll on Conservative Home website – “the home for conservatism” in the immediate aftermath of the deal shows that 60% of people think this is a bad deal.

Social media has been replete with images of people cutting up their membership cards in a protest at what has now been unveiled as the agreed new position of the Cabinet.

A fake sovereignty from a fake Conservative  Government. A fake sovereignty from a fake Conservative  Government.A fake sovereignty from a fake Conservative  Government.

It is no longer about a Hard Brexit or a Soft Brexit, it is now about a Soft Remain versus a Hard Remain. As evidence of the latter we find the following pressure now being oh-so-conveniently exerted on this weak Government by prominent Remain big business cheerleaders.

A letter released on Saturday night by the co-founder of Innocent Drinks, Richard Reed, and signed by the founders of Pret, Waterstones, Zoopla, Net-a- Porter, Domino’s, YO! Sushi and Jack Wills, among others, said that May’s customs proposal would be costly and bureaucratic for UK firms. They called for MPs to back amendments to the government’s trade and customs bills that would secure full customs union membership when the legislation is considered in parliament.

This is where we are now heading. The softest of soft Brexits being proposed  is the springboard for a full return to the EU. It is not enough for May to rename the Single Market ( Common Rule Book) the Customs Union (Combined Customs Territory) and Freedom of Movement (Freedom of workers, visa free). The humiliation must deepen as we move to a position of complete re-integration into the EU. In the meanwhile, we become a vassal state, a simpering rule taker, subject to the ECJ and compliant to EU policy. For a more detailed understanding of all of this I commend that you read this concise legal analysis which spells out the breath taking scale of the betrayal that has taken place.

David Cameron tried to keep us IN the EU and failed when we voted to Leave. The establishment was horrified and that is why Theresa May (who campaigned for us to Remain) was swiftly installed as Prime Minister. She has spent the past two years diluting and obfuscating and we now know that when she said “Brexit means Brexit” she MEANT “Brexit in name only”

The calculated gamble made by this Government is that no matter how bad a Brexit they deliver sufficient core voters will troop out and vote them back in in May 2022 rather than risk Corbyn.

I believe this is wrong.

Too many core Conservative voters are disillusioned with May and her cabal and they will either a/ simply not bother voting or b/use their vote as a protest and lend it to some of the smaller pro Brexit parties.

British Conservatism has rotted to the core in so many areas and ALL those around the Cabinet table prepared to endorse this truly despicable document need thrown out of office. Let us remember that it took some years of socialism to bring about the electoral anger to herald in the cleansing years of Thatcher. We are heading in this direction again.

May ALMOST lost to Corbyn at the 2017 General Election and after betraying Brexit, her Party faces devastating losses which, in the words of Jacob Rees Mogg, “will make 1997 look like a tea party”

Put the kettle on.


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